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Volume 9 – Chapter 66: This Is The Real Powerhouse!

There was a traffic jam on the road, so Zhu Maolin had to open the car windows to take a breath.

The small film shot with the newcomer, Little Lu, had also been completed later. Zhu Maolin took two different films to the client’s company this afternoon, and his subordinate Tboy was also with him.

Tboy was swiping his phone right now. He suddenly frowned, “Wow, what is going on with this world?”

“What’s the matter?” Zhu Maolin asked casually.

Tboy put the phone screen in front of Zhu Maolin at this time, “Look, this is the condition of the innermost river bank in Riverside Park that someone just photographed. The river bank is full of stranded dead fish. After this video was uploaded, those who went to catch the fish arrived before the management staff…Eh, such a scene.”

Zhu Maolin just took a casual look, and he lost interest. Instead, he paid more attention to when he could get rid of this traffic jam.

“Manager, are you worried about being late to the appointment?” Tboy said now, “Isn’t the person in charge of the client’s company your old university classmate? Just give him a call. We didn’t ask for this traffic jam.”

I really don’t want to trouble him.

But in this case, there is really no way…Zhu Maolin nodded, “En, I’ll just make a call and inform him… Tboy, I’m afraid this jam won’t be over for a while. You go and buy some drinks back.”


After Tboy got out of the car, Zhu Maolin called his old classmate. He was the kind of person who was very demanding of himself. If it weren’t necessary, he was not willing to delay, wait, etc.

“… I’m sorry, this is the situation Shao Fei, please wait for a while on your side.”

“No problem, why are you being polite to an old classmate. Don’t worry, if it’s too late, we can change the appointment tomorrow.”

Zhu Maolin thought for a while, “Three o’clock in the afternoon. If there is still a traffic jam, I will find another way to come.”

“Another way… are you going to rush here by motorcycle? You haven’t been riding a motorbike on the road for many years right?

“It’s indeed quite some time.” Zhu Maolin smiled subconsciously.

There was indeed a traffic jam on the highway, but a motorbike would be the most convenient at this moment. Now, there was a motorbike riding past his car.

There was also a girl on the motorbike, hugging the man tightly.She should be smiling right?Zhu Maolin didn’t see it clearly. He just felt this way.

“How much time do people waste in a traffic jam?”

Zhu Maolin murmured, looking at the direction where the motorbike disappeared. He seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

What made Long Xiruo… Long’er surprised was that it was obviously lunch hour, but someone was knocking on the door of her pet hospital. Logically, Mo Xiaofei, who temporarily replaced the little demon butterfly as free labour, would come over.

But Mo Xiaofei had already said that he could only come after school in the afternoon.

Long’er had to climb to the basement and watched the surveillance video here…The guy who is knocking sneakily behind the door is… Sun Xiaosheng?

“What is this guy doing here again?” Long’er frowned, but looking at the screen besides Sun Xiaosheng, there were also two naked muscular men in a coma. She couldn’t help feeling strange.

After a while, Long’er finally opened the back door of the hospital… Now, only Gui Qianyi knew her current look after her true dragon power was taken away, so she definitely didn’t want to reveal this to Sun Xiaosheng unless it was necessary.

So Long’er forced herself to say in a shameful baby voice, “Oi!Aren’t you the thief last time!?”

“What the fuck!? What do you mean thief…”

Brother Xiaosheng’s face was straightened. However, when he thought that he came here with ill intentions, he searched for his body for a while and took out a lollipop, showing a weird smile, “Little girl, d

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