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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 875 - Volume 9 – Chapter 123: Soon To Be Unveiled (Part 2)
Chapter 875 Volume 9 – Chapter 123: Soon To Be Unveiled (Part 2)

Mo Xiaofei quickly said, “This is the muse I was talking about. I haven’t paid attention to her for a long time because I lost my power. I don’t know how she suddenly appeared here. She seems to have regained her power.”

Zixing made a silent gesture and assessed the situation solemnly.

At this time, what came out of the old tree was Tagitsuhime, who fell into the Unripe Rice Village time reset at the same time as Mo Xiaofei!

“I feel a faint demon beast qi, and I wonder who it will be. It turns out that you, the fox demon beast killed the innocents here.” Tagitsuhime’s face was frosty, not angry, and majestic. It exuded the divine power!

“Deity?” Nagato Munechika frowned with his expression dignified but still calm, “You are weak. I can feel it. This bit of power has no effect on me.”

“Hmph, arrogance! You don’t know what divine power is!” Tagitsuhime snorted again.

Her current state was indeed terrible. Her divine power had run dry. However, as one of the three Munakata Muses born by Amaterasu Omikami, she had the sun muse spiritual qi, which Amaterasu Omikami bestowed upon her. It had extreme restraining effects on all vile demon beast!

“You’re just a fake.” Nagato Munechika’s face showed a strange smile again.

The cyan fox demon beast fire appeared in Nagato Munechika’s palm. Tagitsuhime had already witnessed Nagato Munechika’s bizarre ‘fox demon beast fire’ not long ago, so she didn’t dare to lower her guard at the moment.

She pushed out her hands and put down a barrier capable of fending off attacks in front of her!

This was the barrier that could resist most of the demon beast’s evil power. The source of power was not divine power, but the divine item given by Amaterasu Omikami, which she had worn on her! It was precisely because of this treasure that Tagitsuhime was not afraid of the ‘demon beast,’ Nagato Munechika, albeit having her divine power running dry!

The fox demon beast jeered!

The cyan “fox demon beast fire” attached itself to Tagitsuhime’s barrier, burning frantically!

It managed to infiltrate the barrier in the end!

What shocked Tagitsuhime happened unhindered! The fox demon beast fire quickly tore open the barrier released by her treasure and directly adhered to her body!

“What kind of fire is this!?”

This fox demon beast fire spread all over her body instantly. It began to burn her divine body! Due to the great pain, Tagitsuhime immediately fell to her knees.

But after all, unlike a mortal body like Saburo Nagato, Tagitsuhime was still struggling at this moment.

It was just that Tagitsuhime’s consciousness quickly dissipated under the fox demon beast fire’s onslaught. She didn’t last long before she passed out.

Nagato Munechika approached Tagitsuhime, flipped her body over before lifting the vulnerable Tagitsuhime.

Nagato Munechika glanced at the coming full moon in the sky at this time. He smiled slyly, then picked up Tagitsuhime’s body like that and returned to his bedroom.

Mo Xiaofei and Zixing hid at their best ability, holding all their breaths. Nagato Munechika didn’t seem to realize that there were foreigners hidden in his room. He just hugged Tagitsuhime’s body and walked into the bedroom’s secret path to enter the dungeon.

“What kind of fire is that? The fox demon beast fire is too scary!” Mo Xiaofei was a little worried at this time, wondering if his superpowers would be able to resist it even if they were all restored.

Zixing muttered to herself at this time, “Why is the cyan fire similar to the Green Lotus Fire in the legend of the Divine Land’s fox clan?”

“Green Lotus Fire?”

Seeing that Nagato Munechika had entered the dungeon, Mo Xiaofei spoke a little loudly at this time.

Zixing nodded, “Green Lotus Fire is a kind of bizarre flame that only the Divine Land fox demon beast clan can master. It can be traced back to the Sha

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