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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 552 - Volume 8 – Chapter 20: I’ll Sell Myself To You, Ok?
Volume 8 – Chapter 20: I’ll Sell Myself To You, Ok?

“Useless! A group of useless people! Four people can’t handle one person, and each of you came back hurt too!”

Zhang Kun was very angry! Looking at the underlings in front of him, he got even angrier!

“Boss, you don’t know, the foreigner’s skill with the pole is too powerful! We aren’t his opponent even though we have crowbars. Look at his shoulder. I think it must be broken!”

Zhang Kun frowned. The most injured guy was still unconscious. However, when he saw the location of the wound from the clothes that were pulled off, Zhang Kun himself also had chills.

“You, take him to see the doctor!” Zhang Kun waved his hand, but he quickly changed his command, “Don’t! Don’t go to the town! Drive a motorcycle to the next town, don’t see a doctor here. If the doctor asks, tell him you had a motorcycle accident! Do you understand?!”

“Yes, Boss!”

Zhang Kun did not intend to use the two wax pills obtained from the mysterious man… He felt that it was not worth using such good things on the underlings!

“Oh my God! This foreigner is so capable!” After watching the two leave, Zhang Kun sat down angrily, and the remaining two underlings quickly poured him a glass of water.

“Brother, I don’t think this foreigner is simple… We should stop provoking him.”

Bullying the kind and fearing the ruthless had always been the standard for them to act.

He went on with a stern expression, “Besides, Brother, if you really like San Er’s girl, we can quietly kidnap her for you. Then, can’t you have sex with her as you please? Once you’re done with her, we’ll just throw her back. How would this kind of widow dare to tell anyone?! Even if she does, she can’t change anything!”

“How is this interesting?” Zhang Kun snorted, “A group of useless people that don’t know anything! Go out and don’t bother me!”

The two underlings glanced at each other; their wrists were also badly hurt, so at this moment, they weren’t willing to stay there when they heard that. They went to find a place to get treatment.

Zhang Kun drank a bottle of Jiujiang liquor by himself, shucked a few peanuts and ate it… He became dissatisfied as he ate, and suddenly swept all the things on the table to the ground.

“It looks like you have failed.”

“It’s you again!”

The moment he heard the sound, Zhang Kun glared fiercely. It was no surprise, the guy in the coat still appeared by the window. Of course, this time the window was at his home.

Zhang Kun came forward angrily, “I did everything you asked me to do, and the result? I didn’t get anything! My men were also injured! You didn’t tell me that this foreigner is so hard to deal with!”

Wearing a coat… Nero chuckled a little, “Are you silly? If there is no difficulty, will I pay you with that kind of medicine? Do you really think that good things can come freely?”

Zhang Kun then suppressed his anger, “Tell me honestly! Who the hell is this f

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