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Volume 9 – Chapter 5: Weak

The thieves using two-handed daggers took advantage as the warrior faced the Minotaur, quickly used the stealth skill to surge towards the Minotaur’s back, and successively activated [Fatal Blows] and [Poisonous Blades].

In the end, the archer – ‘African ~ Did Not Eat Dog Food Yesterday’ used an arrow technique with a bursting effect, which directly exploded the Minotaur’s head.

When the towering Minotaur’s body fell to the ground, it meant that this temporary team had gained a little more merit.

At the same time, under Qian Xiu’s hands, another Minotaur was also defeated. It took almost the same time as the three people over there.

“War Song Gudazi” and others, who were using voice chat, could not help but discuss the chatroom outside of the game.

“This knight has some great skills…”

“But, isn’t he a bit antisocial?”

“Everyone has different personalities. Besides, we don’t know each other. Is it possible to become familiar with each other at once? When we first met Sukumizu, wasn’t it difficult to communicate with him?”

“Damn, how did I get wronged?”

“Gudazi, do you think this Qian Xiu is a veteran in the testing area… or is he a game con artist?”

“I didn’t see him simply buying things, let’s see first… I will talk to him first.”

When these people were discussing outside the game, Qian Xiu was also silently observing Gudazi and others’ cooperation. At the beginning of the game, he also formed two teams, the first was the Novice Village dungeon, but they disbanded on a sour note.

This was the second time.

Compared with Lord Paper Tigers and others, Gudazi and his gang were better. It seemed that they had many experiences cooperating. Qian Xiu suspected that behind this team might be a small studio or something.

‘War Song Gudazi’: “Qian Xiu, there are too many people in this area, so there are not many monsters to slay. Our team’s current ranking is above two hundred, what do you think?”

Qian Xiu said directly, “Kill the high-level monsters and break through these low level mobs on the front line. We’ll go around from the woods over there. There should be more high-level monsters on the other side of the canyon.”

‘War Song Gudazi’ said, “Are you sure? In the forest, our attributes weaken. The strength of monsters with forest attributes will increase. It is not easy to pass, and it takes time.”

Qian Xiu: “High risk, high return. If you can keep up, I know how to go.”

This guy was indeed one of the trial players!

‘War Song Gudazi’ immediately agreed, “Alright, let’s go!”


“Chen Liqun.”

In the general ward of the hospital, the doctor looked at the rental house landlord. Then, he gazed at the examination report, and said calmly, “Mr. Chen, are you unrelated to this patient?”

The landlord quickly said, “He is just a tenant of mine, how can we be related… Doctor, when will this guy wake up?”

The doctor frowned and

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