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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 648 - Volume 9 – Chapter 43: An Oil Lamp Ignited In Front Of Buddha Statue (Part 1)

Chapter 648 - Volume 9 – Chapter 43: An Oil Lamp Ignited In Front Of Buddha Statue (Part 1)

Volume 9 – Chapter 43: An Oil Lamp Ignited In Front Of Buddha Statue (Part 1)

It was the Hongfu Building again.

Xiao Yucheng thought about it before arriving. He felt very surprised that Dazhe was able to invite Lord Jin. Although this old man hadn’t been showing up in the past ten years, as if he was waiting for his death in a nursing home, he had to show some respect to this old man.

Fortunately, some of his idiot-like subordinates lost their way to another place last night. They didn’t do anything. Otherwise, it would not be easy to cope with the old man who had asked him to come over a peace settlement banquet.

It’s just that… The two places are totally in the opposite direction. There are street signs along the way. Those guys are local people anyway. How could they still get lost?

D*mn it.

A smile appeared on Xiao Yucheng’s face. He then opened the private room door and immediately laughed and said, “Oh, Mr. Jin! Mr. Jin, it’s been a long time! Sorry, I’m late. I’ll take three shots as punishments later! What? Haven’t you ordered yet? Waiter!”

Dazhe and Lord Jin were one step early, sitting here drinking tea.

“Xiao Yucheng, leave it first.” Lord Jin smiled and waved at Xiao Yucheng.

Xiao Yucheng sat down directly, but never looked at Da Zhe the whole time, “Here, Mr. Jin, I’ll serve you tea!”

“Hehe, it’s rare that you are so thoughtful.” Lord Jin put on a fake smile.

Xiao Yucheng also put on a fake smile, “What are you talking about? Although I was not the person under you when I was out in the street, “Tangkou” that I’m in and your gang “Shantou” are also regarded as a brotherly alliance. You are an elder, always an elder!”

“You are so considerate. Not many young people nowadays are like you.” Lord Jin nodded, “Xiao Yucheng since you also said it. There are some connections to how you say it. Then will you take it easy on doing things?”

“Old Jin, what are you talking about?” Xiao Yucheng smiled, “Am I the kind of person who does things without a sense of decency? If so, I wouldn’t be able to survive here anymore.”

Lord Jin narrowed his eyes, “Then, you and Dazhe are not here to hold a peace settlement banquet.”

“Of course!” Xiao Yucheng pounded the table and said, “Aren’t we here to accompany you to chat and drink… Well, Dazhe, what do you say?”

Dazhe took a deep breath, nodded, and raised his glass toward Xiao Yucheng, “President Xiao, I have offended you a lot. I ask your pardon. Here’s to you.”

“No big deal. Everyone is civilized.” Xiao Yucheng drank it without pulling a long face, and then suddenly said with a displeased expression, “But I say Dazhe, you are no fun. If you say that you are Lord Jin’s people, we didn’t have to be in a stalemate yesterday, did we? Come on, the original job. I’ll ask someone to do it. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t! There will be a lot of opportunities in the future. Your brother, I will keep it for you. You are one of us. Let’s make money together!”

“Let’s talk about it later.” Dazhe nodded calmly.

Xiao Yucheng said again at this time, “Mr. Jin, it’s your fault!”

Lord Jin asked curiously, “What? Did I do something?”

Xiao Yucheng said, “Isn’t it? Why didn’t you tell me earlier that Dazhe is on your side? I wouldn’t let him do those tired works of the past if I had known it earlier! Are you trying to trick me? What happened that day is rumored that Xiao Yucheng didn’t treat Lord Jin’s people well. How can I survive! It’s your fault. What do you say?”

“Okay, okay.” Lord Jin chuckled, “It sounds a bit like that. Well, I’ll take three shots too as punishments later.”

“Three shots do not make sense.” Xiao Yucheng looked upset. He looked at Lord Jin’s slightly frowning brows and laughed, “Of course we’ll get hammered tonight before we return, right?”

They spent a long time on this meal. It was said that they wouldn’t return until they got drunk, but they were basically people who d

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