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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 696 - Volume 9 – Chapter 78: Pseudo-spirit & Genuine Soul
Volume 9 – Chapter 78: Pseudo-spirit & Genuine Soul

To Mo Xiaofei, what Long Xiruo said was too bizarre. Even an ordinary person like himself had superpowers one day, so he subconsciously believed the teacher’s words.

“Because I am the ‘genuine soul’?” Mo Xiaofei was stunned. When he looked at this teacher again, his expression became much more solemn.

Long Xiruo added, “I just said that when the Difu is still open, to cope with the increase in population, three immortal souls and seven mortal forms will be separated and used to inject into newborns. With the nourishment of the physical body, these split souls and mortal form will grow again.”

Mo Xiaofei nodded.

Long Xiruo continued, “This is why human beings have been ignorant from the beginning. They need to reshape their thoughts, worldviews, etc. As they continue their lives to old age and death, the soul will be richly nourished. Generally speaking, the soul grows faster than the mortal form. Reincarnation of souls will be more outstanding than the reincarnation of mortal forms. This is the reason why some are born to be more smart and talented in a particular aspect. However, as a person grows up and attains three immortal souls and seven mortal forms, they will become similar in theory. That explains why certain people with poor talent can catch up with hard work and efforts. Of course, the variability is high. Simply put, it depends on the person’s fate.”

Long Xiruo paused before she continued, “Also, there are some outstanding souls who can enjoy the treatment without being split and directly go through the six realms of reincarnation. Usually, this type of people have achieved many merits in their lives, or they simply have defined an era. The minority of them involve some factors such as the alteration of luck, the alternation of dynasties, etc. However, this happens when some bored fellows have a chess match. They often go with the narration of “the mortal world is a chess” to meddle with mortal affairs… But, this is way over your caliber too.”

Teacher, I don’t understand this anymore!

“Then, about my ‘genuine soul’…” Mo Xiaofei was only concerned about this. He subconsciously felt that if he couldn’t figure this out, he would always be in a state of anxiety.

“Don’t interrupt me!” Long Xiruo glared at Mo Xiaofei, “Have I stopped? The so-called genuine soul is the being born through the six realms of reincarnation, whether it is a human or demon beast, with an increase in spiritual wisdom. But, Difu did not open a hundred years ago. There is no soul and mortal form sent out from Divine Land. Then, where did the souls in the newly born bodies come from? Like I said, the physical body can nourish the soul. So, even if Difu did not send any soul, the body composed of the soul, especially the human body, which is the spirit of all things, can give birth to its own soul. Typically, they are all called “pseudo-souls” or “pseudo-spirits” by Difu. It’s just that the three immortal souls and seven mortal forms of this “pseudo-spirit” cannot be split. After leaving the body after death, the entity can’t last long. Even after Difu restrained it, the success rate of reincarnation is even horribly low. Think about it, if the whole world becomes a dummy of a ‘pseudo-spirit,’ what will the world be like?”

Mo Xiaofei said in a daze, “But teacher, aren’t these all real people? Is there a difference between the pseudo-spirit and genuine soul?”

“Of course, they are not the same!” Long Xiruo stood up from the sofa and said fiercely while putting her hands on her hips, “How can it be different!? As I said, the genuine soul that came from reincarnation, whether it is inherently excellent or striving to be excellent, is of great quality. However, these fake and inferior pseudo-spirits face great difficulty reincarnating successfully, even if the success rate is improved due to the large sample size. When they do succeed, they are either born r

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