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Chapter 712 Volume 9 – Chapter 88: Speeding (Part 1)

Everyone was in the same circle. In this newly opened casino, there were indeed many gamblers who recognized Black Panther. At least they could recognize Black Panther’s Bentley Continental and his license plate.

But, Liu Zixing got in Brother Black Panther’s car for a while and got off safely. Brother Black Panther brought his men away without saying a word too.

“I saw it. It seems Liu Zixing gave Black Panther a cheque. It should be the one he asked this casino to prepare.”

“With that said, he had expected Black Panther to stop him outside?”

“The wall has ears. Black Panther has long issued a bounty on Liu Zixing. Maybe, someone here told Black Panther for the bounty.”

“Yes, but this casino is quite interesting. The casino can be so generous if it loses money. Tsk tsk, I started to wonder who is the boss behind.”

“Yeah, you won’t expect to retrieve the money back from Black Panther’s pocket. En, this place is nice. You can play everything here. You will be safe as long as you are at the place. Don’t you see Black Panther reluctant to barge in with his men? ”

Fengshan heard the news from the employees. A smile appeared on his face involuntarily. As the third lady thought, this was indeed an excellent opportunity to build a reputation. After this, Four Seasons Clubhouse had temporarily established a firm foothold in this city. In the future, steady growth would ensure profit.

With this thought in mind, losing a few hundred million was not a big deal. Of course, it was because of the third lady.

“Director, I didn’t expect this Black Panther to stay low. Knowing that Liu Zixing has won so much, he just took his cut and left.”

Fengshan sneered and said, “It proves that this guy is difficult to deal with in the future. He isn’t reckless. Even if we go back to the past, Black Panther is the local tyrant. We as the foreign entity will have a conflict with him.”

“Are we doing nothing to Liu Zixing?” The subordinate frowned.

“I’m almost off work.” Fengshan waved his hand, “Let Ah Jie handle the casino matters. Anything else, you handle it on your own. Think of your limits and help our brothers to have some benefits.”

As Fengshan spoke, he smiled indifferently and pushed the door to leave. The subordinates watched Fengshan go with passion in his eyes. The subordinate already understood what Fengshan said.

Look out for the brother’s gain?

Naturally, they could claim it from the official account. Of course, Fengshan would still attain the greatest benefit.

Fengshan was a member of the Four Seasons Group. He came here to serve as the director. It was equivalent to the duke system in the medieval era. A rank with many benefits to gain.

In terms of Fengshan’s boss, as long as the account was neat with the profit not hurt, the busy third lady would not find out about it even in ten or eight years.

Even if she found out, she would pr

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