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Chapter 876 Volume 9 – Chapter 124: Taking Back the Gift (Part 1)

“You are very clean.”

The young witch suddenly raised her head and looked at the dreamlike perfect body in front of her. She was surprised that people could be so perfect.

You Ye walked directly into the pool water with no intention of trying out the pool water temperature first.

It was not deep. She easily swam to the center of the pool. In fact, it was not big, about dozens of square meters in size.

She popped her head out of the water and wiped her hair with both hands. Then, she looked at the young witch and said, “If you need to meet a very important person, then you should not leave even a speck of dust on you.”

The young witch was taken aback for a moment. She went into deep thought and nodded silently. After a while, she asked, “He?”

The ‘he’ was pointed out vaguely.

But You Ye knew that the young witch was referring to her master. She and the master appeared in front of the shrine’s young witch at the same time that day.

The maid just smiled, and the young witch already knew the answer. She stopped asking questions, then knelt on the ground again. She filled a scoop of water and washed her body.

“Take that card back. I have nothing I want.” The young witch suddenly opened her eyes.

The maid held her hair with both hands at this time, gently scrubbing it in the water, and smiled again when she heard the words, “I know you are in perfect condition now, but is it alright to turn a blind eye?”

“What do you mean?” The young witch seemed to be lost in thoughts for a moment. Afterward, she quickly showed a confused expression.

“Nothing.” You Ye shook her head.

Soon after, You Ye walked out of the pool. She invoked the black flame on her palm and burned away the water traces on her body. Then, she burned away the clothes she took off. As she took another step forward, another brand new outfit surfaced above her body.

“I’m leaving. Thank you for allowing me to use this place.” The maid gave an appreciation gesture gracefully.

“That card…”

“If there is nothing you want, then it is just a normal card or just a bookmark of yours.” You Ye said calmly, “In that case, why care about it so much? You can throw it away. The choice is yours.”

The young witch moved her lips as if about to say something.

“Oh, it’s time. I should hurry back. I have left for too long.”

You Ye took a step forward and disappeared in front of the young witch.

“In an ancient pond, a frog jumped into it suddenly. There came the sound of the water…”

The young witch read softly.

She suddenly looked at the ripples in the pool that hadn’t calmed down. When the pool was calm, the stilled water was like a mirror. The only sound in the cave was the sound of the young witch washing herself with the cold pool water.


A club approached Windchaser’s head. A demon-like monster with green faces and fangs was in front of him.

But, Windchaser was not afraid. This half demon beast’s body was enough to defeat the demon in front of him overwhelmingly!


The demon’s sturdy body failed to sustain through a half demon beast’s blow. The demon immediately lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Windchaser was not happy at all because he couldn’t tell the direction.

He chased the moving army and finally came to a ruin-like place. Then, there came a thick fog all of a sudden. As for the surroundings, there were more and more similar demons to which he had defeated.

Something seemed to have stimulated these demons. Some screamed in horror, some were crying in sadness, and some were attacking madly.

Until something seemed to emerge from the ground suddenly, Windchaser felt as if something entangled his legs. At the same time, under the low visibility, the strange demons all around him were entangled by something too. Then, these demons were swallowed!

It was something like a tre

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