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Chapter 322: High Weeds around the Grave


A good-looking face plus a proud figure will always attract second glances.

Especially in crowded places.

Such as an airport.

A person wearing a pair of sunglasses constantly checked the time and threw glances toward the exit repeatedly.

Suddenly, that person’s legs started moving, walking towards the exit rapidly.

She must have seen the person she wanted to meet. On the other side, that man must be very fortunate and attractive enough for her to wait for such a long time.

Was he a successful man who only needed to simply carry a briefcase? Or a big-belly guy that kept receiving phone calls? Or a father holding his kid’s hand that would walk out slowly?

None of the above.

It turned out to be a slightly thin man carrying a backpack… Or perhaps he should be called a big boy.

She suddenly opened her hands, apparently trying to give the boy a hug— No matter what relationship between them, it was a thing to be envious off, wasn’t it?

Unexpectedly, just when she was about to embrace him, the boy suddenly took a step back and let her hug the air.

So she gaped on the spot, freezing up in the air with both hands opened.

That was too awkward!

It was recklessly wasting the God’s gift!! Bastard!!! Some men swore and felt regretful.

“I told you not to pick me up.” Luo Qiu looked at Ren Ziling.

He planned to return to the club after getting off the flight. But since Boss Luo’s right eyebrow twitched① without reason, he sensed something terrible was waiting for him.

As expected.

Subeditor Ren showed her pitifulness, “I came here secretly under the risk of being fired…”

Boss Luo calmly said, “Then it must be a miracle that you haven’t been fired these years.”

Ren Ziling pretended as if she didn’t hear that, saying in a rueful tone, “Do you know how many tickets I got?”

Boss Luo sighed, “Thanks for the ‘hard’ work of Uncle Ma.”

Ren Ziling almost choked, “Do you know I haven’t even taken my lunch?”

Luo Qiu pointed to his own lips, talking indifferently, “Before saying this, can you wipe my mouth first? I don’t remember you having such greasy lip gloss.”

Subeditor Ren showed him her middle finger, “F*ck! I don’t want to live any longer!!!”

“You have worked hard,” Boss Luo smiled softly.

The resentment of Subeditor Ren suddenly vanished. Her squinted eyes were hidden under the tea-coloured sunglasses, “What did you say? I didn’t hear it.”

“I didn’t say anything, let’s go now.” Luo Qiu shook his head, walking by Ren Ziling.

Subeditor Ren was still starved for the greeting between relatives; she rubbed with the hands…’I want to pinch this guy’s ears!’

“Oh, where’s You Ye? Why didn’t I see her?”

She gave up pinching his ears, but walked quickly to Luo Qiu, looking up and asking.

“She had something to handle, so came back on the previous fligh

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