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Chapter 338: The Vanishing Cancer Cells


It was almost twelve o’clock at midnight.

But the pet hospital was still opened with the lights on. The butterfly monster in a white uniform was waiting for Sister Long at the desk. However, there was no news.

Luo Dance idly laid herself on the table and played with the empty honey bottle.

She even tied a blue ribbon on it… she just felt happy when doing that.

After a while, the butterfly monster looked up at Su Zijun, “Sister Su, You don’t think something has happened to Sister Long, do you?”

Su Zijun yawned while slightly patting her mouth, “In my view, no one could hurt this troublesome woman in this era. Don’t worry. A troublesome person never dies easily.”

What should Luo Dance say?

The automatic door suddenly opened and… Long Xiruo listlessly came in.

When Su Zijun saw that, she stood up, stretched herself and said to Luo Dance, “Well, speak of the devil, here she is! Isn’t it as I said? OK, I’m sleepy. I’m going to bed. I wouldn’t have stayed up till this time if you hadn’t asked me to accompany with you.”

Luo Dance was speechless.

‘You’re the one that sat here and wait, not because of me… Besides, don’t you always sleep during the daytime?’

The butterfly monster felt a sense of grievance.

Nevertheless, this was nothing now that Sister Long had come back. But she was surprised— Why didn’t they quarrel with each other this time?

Long Xiruo just silently walked in and completely ignored this provocation.

Seeing this, Su Zijun loudly said, “Old woman, your pants fell!”

“Ah? What did you say?” Long Xiruo turned around as if in a trance.

“Damn it… This old woman surely has been addled.” Su Zijun strangely looked at her, frowning, “What happened?”

“Nothing, I just want to sleep.” Long Xiruo shook her head, “Do you think everyone will be as energetic as you at night?”


The quarrel seemed to be getting serious, so the butterfly monster tried to reconcile them, “Sister Long, you’re tired, let me get you some hot water. Sister Su, I’ll give the blood popsicles, OK? …Don’t quarrel…”

Before Su Zijun’s urge to battle increased even more, Long Xiruo suddenly said, “Dance, I have to go out for a few days.”

“Oh, are you going to collect herbs?”

“No, I’m going on a long trip.” Long Xiruo slowly said, “If patients come, you fill prescriptions according to my notes. Medicines in the storage are enough.”

“OK, I understand!”

Long Xiruo nodded and said, “Oh, and don’t go to the cram school until I come back.”

It was a pity to hear that but the butterfly monster still nodded without asking the reason.

Then Long Xiruo directly went out, instead of going to sleep.

The butterfly monster saw Sister Long subconsciously touch her neck… She sensed Sister Long was scared.

Was it an illusion?

In the office, a group of policemen were discussing the task given by Officer Ma— Two tests of the Colleague Entrance Exam.

Nobody knew what Officer Ma experienced… It couldn’t be for his son, who had gone abroad two years ago.

The young police didn’t dare to tell the truth, that it was the cram school homework of your hero—Officer Ma.

Of course, with the help of these loyal subordinates, Officer Ma had been enjoying his tea time leisurely— As there were no more clues about any cases, he could relax completely.

“Officer Ma! Chief Qin is coming!”

The tea almost scalded his tongue. Officer Ma rushed to his seat, grabbing a pen, and seriously started reading a file.

“No need to pretend. The tea and the boiled water betrayed you.”

Chief Qin sat down.

Ma Houde smiled, “Chief Qin, how about you investigate the case with us? Don’t waste your keen observation skills.”

“Forensic experts are helping you out.” Chief Qin stonily said, “If judicial doctors join in your investigation, then what will you do?!”

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