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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 466 - The Person Who Left Like A Clear Spring
Chapter 466: The Person Who Left Like A Clear Spring


Tai Yinzi nervously sat down without saying a single word.

Luo Qiu looked at him but said nothing, thinking about what role did he play in his sect 500 years ago.

“Master… Would you like something to drink? ”

Tai Yinzi suddenly said this but he soon felt sorry for what he said… He clearly felt Miss Maid’s eyes.

Fierce and scornful… deep blue eyes.

‘Taking care of Master… Don’t look at me like this, I really don’t want to do your job.’ Tai Yinzi suddenly gave a shudder.

“I’m not thirsty.” Luo Qiu calmly said this while looking at Tai Yinzi who was restless.

He softly smiled as if showing encouragement, “Tai Yinzi, do you remember your life 500 years ago?”

Tai Yinzi was astonished.

And obviously, he was lost in thought.

His life… Five hundred years ago?

What was it like?

Tai Yinzi was absent-minded, as if he saw his remote past…

The trio of the club now became quiet.

Miss Maid was used to waiting and the boss enjoyed the waiting progress. As for Tai Yinzi, maybe he was waiting for something too.

In the singer’s waiting room, a stylist was putting on make up for Cheng Yiran— according to the program rules, the starting order was determined by the audience’s voting results… Whoever had more counts, they would be the most expected and would be the last one to play on stage.

Cheng Yiran was the first.

But Li Zifeng said it was alright because he believed that Cheng Yiran would conquer everyone’s ears at the very beginning.

“You have already reached this step, do not think of anything else.” Li Zifeng patted Cheng Yiran’s shoulder while looking at him in the mirror. “Burst out all of your energy later and let everyone remember your name starting from tonight.”

Li Zifeng was really good at motivating a persons’ passion.

Even though he had all sorts of indecent tricks— but there was no doubt that his tricks were effective, weren’t they?

This new singer totally trusted him now. Li Zifeng believed this relationship would become stronger in the future.

“Let me tell you a piece of news, Mr. Zhong also came here.”

Li Zifeng now seriously said, “Do you feel that our company values you very much? Am I increasing your pressure when I say this? But you need to know, if you can’t bear these pressures… ”

Cheng Yiran suddenly waved his hand at this time, “I want to quiet down… before the show.”

“Well, I’ll call you if time is up.” Li Zifeng nodded. “I’m waiting outside.”

Cheng Yiran sat in this modest room for resting, putting the guitar on his legs, and lightly playing while looking at himself in the mirror.

“At last, I reached this step.”

“Have you seen it? I finally reached this step, with my dream and yours… our dream.”

He was here but Hong Guan was not— Cheng Yiran once thought, that he and Hong Guan would be here togethe

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