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Chapter 513: The Thing Behind


“You… Well, Uncle, how do you want me to prove it?” Cheng Yiran thought for a while and asked.

The old man replied in a cold voice, “Humph! You said that it is important to you, very important to you, and I want you to prove it, but you ask me on how? Is that reasonable?”

“I…”Cheng Yiran had nothing to say.

He was getting more and more anxious. As time passed, his desire to leave got stronger and stronger—His intuition told him that maybe Hong Guan’s playing could help him wake up the lost ability of his to play that guitar.

It was an eager desire and it even made him believe that it would be much more difficult to get another chance if he lost the opportunity this time.

He didn’t want to waste time with the weird old man here… the best way to solve this was to buy the bass at a high price.

But obviously, the weird old man intended to create trouble for him… Maybe he wanted to raise the price?

Cheng Yiran took a breath, saying, “How about this? Uncle, would you please let me know your contact information? I am a little busy now, and we can talk about the bass someday else. Please believe me that I really want to buy that bass back, the price will not be the problem.”

However, the old man didn’t reply, and he looked at Fish-Ball Qiang, “Boss, how much is the bill?”

The old man put a piece of money on the table, and then stood up to leave directly. He didn’t glance at Cheng Yiran at all.

“Uncle, uncle! What’s your contact information?” Cheng Yiran asked in a hurry.

The old man didn’t turn back, saying, “I will not let you know that. You said that it is important to you, but you want to leave now. I cannot feel your sincerity.”

Cheng Yiran said, “Uncle, you are older, and also experienced more than me. You should know that we have to make the decision between two things sometimes. If you were me, how will you choose if there is another important thing?”

The old man suddenly turned back, “Very important? Then let me ask you, is that related to a life?”

Cheng Yiran shook his head.

The old man continued, “Is that your wife giving birth? Relatives critically ill? Rushing to save people? Or an important trade will break up without you? And hundreds of employees of the company are relying on it?

Cheng Yiran shook his head… He couldn’t tell him the real reason. But he knew that each of the situations above was quite important.

The old man said at last, “Then tell me, what is the thing that is more important than the bass? If it is reasonable, I will give the bass to you; while if it is not reasonable, then I won’t sell you the bass and you won’t find me again… and don’t bother me anymore.”

“I see.” Cheng Yiran took a deep breath, “Uncle, I am not leaving, and I will not leave until you sell it to me.”

The old man said cautiously, “Oh, then just follow me.”

After saying this, the old man turn

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