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Chapter 339: Famous Detective Luo Qiu


Ren Ziling and Ma Houde met on the rooftop of the cram school again to exchange information.

Ma Houde merely said that Shen Meihuan went missing after she knocked Gu Feng out.

“Rumor has it that the man has a mistress and he is violent. If I were Shen Meihuan, I would kill him!” Ren Ziling derisively said, “Maybe she just doesn’t want to see him.”

“It better be.” Ma Houde shrugged, “But someone has reported, so we must have an investigation…What a waste of energy on such family affairs.”

Ren Ziling couldn’t help laughing, “Well, do you want big cases everyday? How ambitious you are!”

“Come on! This case is a real thorn in my side now.”

Ma Houde sighed, “I have volunteered to do the investigation, but there are no clues after a such long time… What a troublesome matter! I need substantial evidence or the case will be closed.”

“I haven’t found out who the famous teacher is.”

Ren Ziling reluctantly said, “The rumor came out from nowhere. And no one knows who he is. It’s difficult to find him out among those teachers…Oh, it’s late. I must catch a bus to go back. ”

“Where’s your car?”

Ren Ziling said, “Under repair, there’s something wrong with it.”

“Then let me drive you home. And I want to visit Luo Qiu.” Said Ma Houde.

“Very well.”

Officer Ma and his warm hug surprised Luo Qiu.

“Please enjoy yourself, I’ll make you a cup of tea.” Luo Qiu greeted him with smile.

Ma Houde sat down and sighed, “Wow, what a good felling to meet an old friend!”

He felt comfortable and relaxed beneath the warm light of Luo Qiu’s living room.

“Is Uncle Ma under great pressure recently?”

“Why do you say that?” Ma Houde sat straight, curiously asking.

Luo Qiu said, “Your expression and your sigh tells me that.”

Ma Houde smiled, “You’re actually as observant as your father!”

“Yes!” Ren Ziling nodded and sat on the edge of the sofa with a pillow, “I can’t agree with you any more. He even knows what I have eaten with his sharp eyes.”

“That is just because you prefer heavy flavors,” Luo Qiu lightly said.

Ren Ziling rolled her eyes and pretended to hit him.

Ma Houde gave a hearty laugh.

The trio enjoyed the happy time.

Ma Houde exhaled and suddenly looked at Luo Qiu, “Luo Qiu, I have something to ask you.”


Ma Houde thought for a moment, “I have a case now. And I need your advice for some clues.”

Ren Ziling was sipping the hot cocoa given by Boss Luo and pretending not to know anything.

“… and that’s how it is.” Ma Houde said, “We don’t know who is the so-called ‘teacher’ and how to find him out.”

Luo Qiu thought for a while and suddenly asked, “Are the five students in different classes?”

“Yes, they are in different classes.”

Luo Qiu went on, “Do you have the timetable of these classes?”

Ma Haude hurriedly carried out one from his b

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