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Chapter 371: Don’t Know Each Other


Old Feng remembered that the city hadn’t been developed the last time he took the lift. During those times, lifts were less advanced and not as quiet.

It spent some time to reach the 27th floor.

Old Feng looked at the steel plates in the lift. It was smooth enough for seeing one’s figure on it, like a mirror.

He tidied himself many times before leaving his home, but he still tried to check if something didn’t look good through the steel plate surface.

He had never been so nervous.

When the lift arrived at the floor, Old Feng breathed deeply, putting on a mask and adjusted his glasses, before walking to a door and pressing the doorbell.

It was as if he could hear his heartbeat. He clenched his hands, then loosened them, repeating the actions. Soon, his hands turned wet.

He felt time passed slowly—until the moment the door was opened.

“Oh, Mr. Zhou, come in please!” Zhou Zihao opened the door, “Why are you wearing a mask?”

Old Feng said in a hoarse voice, “I got cold. But don’t worry.”

“Zihao, is Mr. Zhou coming?” Tao Xiaman came to Zhou Zihao, looking at the old tailor with a smile; she tilted her head, feeling something that was hard to express.

“Come in and take a seat.” Zhou Zihao said.

Tao Xiaman nodded, “Mr. Zhou, take a seat, let me pour a cup of tea for you.”

“No, thanks.” Old Fend said quietly, “I’ve got sour throat, I cannot drink today… I’m just here take measurements.”

Tao Xiaman didn’t say anything but lead him to the living room. Zhou Zihao pushed her from the back, “It’s very hard to find this experienced tailor, Xiaman, be nice.”

Tao Xiaman rolled her eyes.

She looked back to this old tailor and found he was gazing at herself. When they saw each other, the tailor moved his gaze away and started to prepare the tools.

“I’ve not seen these old tools for many years.” Tao Xiaman was dragged back to her memory.

“They sure have an antiqued feel.” Zhou Zihao smiled, “There are many other tools in his house. I was attracted by them. They’re all so old-fashioned.”

“Really? I want to go have a look if it’s OK.” Tao Xiaman showed a smile.

But Old Feng coughed at this point, he came to them with a measuring tape, “Let’s get started. Turn around, the height first.”

Tao Xiaman turned around.

Old Feng squatted down, and put down one side of the tape. He was very careful, gazing at the scale of it, and focusing on the number.

He wrote down each number with strength.

“Open your arms, now let me measure the length of sleeves.”

Tao Xiaman followed his order, and looked at her fiancé, “You know, it’s a great feeling… Oh, Mr. Zhou, is there enough time to make a phoenix-pattern dress before the wedding?”

“Don’t worry, you can get the dress.”

“Thank you.” Tao Xiaman said with appreciation… She was aware of the time needed to make a phoenix-pattern dress.

In Tao Xiaman’s view, his answer was like a declaration instead of a promise.

It was a weird feeling, but she thought she had felt that before.

Soon after.

“I’ve got all the measurements, and will make it as soon as possible. Then, I will bring it to you for a try and see if there are some places that need to be amended.” Old Fend said while turning around and gathering his tools.

Watching his back, Tao Xiaman asked, “Mr. Zhou… have we met somewhere?”

Old Feng’s hands turned stiff suddenly, but became natural once again soon.

“Probably, because it’s common to meet someone in this small city.”

“Right.” Tao Xiaman smiled and realized she asked a stupid question.

But another one was blurted out from her mouth… “Mr. Zhou, how many years have you been a tailor?”

“Dozens of years.”

“Do you know a tailor, his surname is Feng and specializes in making cheongsams?” Tao Xiaman paused, “It’s been years.”

“No, I don’t.” Old Fend didn’t look back, “Since

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