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Chapter 498: Vanishing Magic Power


What made Li Zifeng feel uneasy was when Cheng Yun went to him for a talk last night… about Hong Guan.

The sudden accident… and that Hong Guan’s wife was in the same hospital with Cheng Yiran shocked Li Zifeng.

Under the circumstances, he couldn’t blame Hong Guan for breaking his words—he signed the agreement.

But he knew the two were divided by his little tricks under the table… After all, if they trusted each other, how could they separate so easily?

He knew Hong Guan said those in anger— since they split, then they were completely separated from each other all their lives!

He didn’t know whether Cheng Yun suspected it…

Li Zifeng didn’t sleep well, because he didn’t know how to handle the case that he hid Cheng Yiran’s criminal record from the company. So when the sun rose, he rushed to the hospital quickly.

The two bodyguards there meant Cheng Yun had left or he hadn’t come yet. But Mr. Cheng Yiran had just woken up and the doctor was performing a checkup on him.

Li Zifeng pushed open the door, when the doctor finished the checkup and told him something. Then, he left with the nurses.

“How are you feeling?” Li Zifeng walked quickly to Cheng Yiran, “You scared me a lot! What happened? Thank god it’s not serious!”

Cheng Yiran was very tired, so he didn’t open eyes, just massaging his forehead.

Why did the car accident happen?

He knew he couldn’t say he hit the truck because he was thinking about something while driving and didn’t realize it?

“I’m alright, just a headache.” Cheng Yiran opened eyes, “The doctor said I’m fine and can leave the hospital after two days’ rest.”

“Do you need some detail checkups?” Li Zifeng suggested.

Cheng Yiran shook head, “No, I need to participate in the competition and should join the rehearsal before.”

“Don’t worry, Manager Cheng has told the TV station and they agreed that you can skip the program this weekend.” Li Zifeng shook his head, “And, your finger bone is broken, how can you play guitar?”

Cheng Yiran looked at his finger, trying to move it, “If the difficulty level of the song is reduced, I can find ways to play it.”

Li Zifeng frowned when hearing his words, “Foolish man, audience like more difficult procedures. Nobody likes easy ones. You need to show your ability.”

Cheng Yiran glanced at him, “I can make it, no matter how easy it is.”

“Do you think audiences will be happy if you play ‘Happy birthday to you’?” Li Zifeng said in a lower tone.

Cheng Yiran turned his head, ignoring his words.

Li Zifeng frowned deeply, and said, “My tone is a bit harsh but those words are all good for you. Don’t blame me. And, the company has found out about your background.”

“Company? How did they know that?” Cheng Yiran frowned; he was surprised but didn’t care about it… because others didn’t know the relationship between Zhong Luochen and him.

Compared with that relationship, his criminal record was not important.

“Oh, they found out when you were sent to the hospital.” Li Zifeng said, “They found it from the traffic police when he checked your file.”

“I want some peace.” Cheng Yiran heaved a sigh and massaged his forehead.

“Have a good rest.” Li Zifeng nodded.

He didn’t plan to stay long… because he wanted to go upstairs and confirm the situation with Hong Guan.

It was not only about the two brothers… there were some problems with the company’s financial situation.

Cheng Yiran didn’t take notice Li Zifeng’s hurried leave.

He moved his body slightly, then took out the guitar and gazed at it… seeing nothing was wrong with it, he heaved a sigh.

Cheng Yiran held it by instinct, he could play some simple songs without his little finger.

In the sports car, he thought of the kiss, the long kiss several years ago and became absent-minded.

“Cheng Yiran, Cheng Yiran!”


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