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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 514 - Existence Between to Be or Not to Be, Between Easy and Difficult
Chapter 514: Existence Between to Be or Not to Be, Between Easy and Difficult


Gui Qianyi was looking seriously at the beaker in some room of the pet hospital.

The flame of the bunsen burner had been raised, so that the temperature would give the expected effect. Each action looked smooth and steady, as if he was performing a holy work.

Abruptly, Gui Qianyi opened his eyes, a cold light flashed over his eyes. He stretched out his hand from his sleeves. One could not believe that this turtle had acted so fast.

Gui Qianyi shouted, with his hand picking up a pair of chopsticks. He acted with lightning speed, stirring the noodles in the beaker!

Golden noodles had been rolled together, then pulled up suddenly. After getting rid of the extra moisture, it was thrown into another beaker.

“Listen, Ghost Baby, attention is a must when you cook instant noodles! And control the time. One minute more, it softens; but one less, it’s hard!” Gui Qianyi slurped the noodle, and instructed Ghost Baby.


Ghost Baby sighed and nodded, “Master Gui, as long as you are happy.”

Gui Qianyi asked while eating noodle, “Where’s Master Long?”

“She said she wants to take a stroll outside.” Ghost Baby said, “She went out half an hour ago.”

“She must be annoyed.” Gui Qianyi shook his head, but didn’t say anything more, “Oh, would you like sauerkraut noodles? Do you need me to cook them?”

“Master Gui, I’m not in the mood, don’t joke about.” Ghost Baby sat down and rolled up his eyes.

Just at that moment, a male monster in a black suit burst into the room with a worried look, “Master Gui, we picked up a letter outside.”

“Letter? What letter?” Gui Qianyi gaped.

“Don’t know, I didn’t open it.”

He added, “There’s no name, just a letter.”

White envelope without letters—Gui Qianyi frowned; he opened it and skimmed it through, then his face became grave.

“Master Gui, what does it say?” Ghost Baby asked curiously.

“Well…” Gui Qianyi look became more serious, “It might be from Wind… it asked us to go to Nanyun Town before 8 this evening, or we may only see a dead body.”

“Nanyun Town?” Ghost Baby frowned, “200km… Why did Wind go there?”

“I have no idea…” Gui Qianyi thought of how should he should handle it—it was not hard for monsters to travel 200km, but the point was he didn’t know Wind’s intention.

“Master Gui, should we go there?” Ghost Baby was confused, “Master Long hasn’t come back, how about we go have a look? Nanyun Town… I’m afraid it’ll be a trap for us.”

Gui Qianyi shook his head, “No matter what, we have to go have a look. We don’t know how many innocent monsters have been controlled by Wind. He’s demonized, so he may do things we don’t expect… No more waiting. Ghost Baby, take your people and follow me there!”

While saying this, Gui Qianyi turned to the male monster, “Take care of this place with your people. And inform Master Long when she comes back… In addition,

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