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Chapter 308: Silent Night 2nd


Milk-strawberry-flavored candy seemed to fit Lena’s taste.

“Big brother, can you tell me a story?” Lena suddenly asked.


The little girl nodded, “Every night, my mother tells me a story to coax me to sleep.”

Luo Qiu suddenly remembered someone asking him for a request. It was when he met those little monster children at the Taoist temple of Yang Taizi… Unconsciously, he thought of something weird.

Was it because he looked like a story-teller to those naughty kids?

“What kind of story do you want to listen to?”

Lena thought for a moment, “Big Brother, do you know the ending of the story that my mother told me in the train?

Luo Qiu said, “Didn’t your father ever tell you that?”

“Lena didn’t believe the ending my dad told me!” The little girl pouted, “I want to listen to the real ending!”

“What do you think the real ending should be?” Luo Qiu suddenly asked.

The little girl bowed her head and thought for a while, “Well…Poor Mr. Monster, he should marry the little girl and have a happy life together!”

“What Mr. Monster?” Allie suddenly interrupted… She started to talk, perhaps due to staying silent for too long.

“It was a very kind but ugly monster.” Luo Qiu looked at Allie, and told her the first half of the story he heard from Mrs. Maggie in the morning.

“Oh, it turns out it’s this story!” Allie revealed a look that she understood. She saw the gaze of the little girl, and smiled, “I’ve heard this story in my childhood… Well, it has been passed down in this area.”

Lena suddenly went to Allie.

Allie touched her head and said, “But at the end of the story, Mr. Monster didn’t marry the little girl or live happily with each other.”

“Ah? Why?” Lena suddenly said with disappointment, “Did Mr. Monster really eat its bride?”

‘Wait… Why did it suddenly jump to the part of a bride? Luo Qiu was amazed at the little girl.

“No,” said Allie. “On the contrary, it was that the little girl that ate Mr. Monster’s heart!”

“Why did she eat Mr. Monster’s heart?” Lena showed a sad look.

Allie said indifferently, “At the end of the story, the little girl grew up and left Mr. Monster. She went to the outside world, saw a lot of people and learned a lot of things. After that, she fell in love with a noble boy. However, the little girl didn’t become beautiful and the boy didn’t like her. However, she met a wizard, who told her to eat Mr. Monster’s heart, which would make her beautiful and everyone would love her.”

Allie sighed, “Mr. Monster was sad since it knew the situation; but it still dug out its heart because it liked the little girl very much. Even if the girl grew up, and didn’t like it, it still hoped to see her have a happy life. Therefore, Mr. Monster dug out its heart, passing it to her, and left alone.”

“Then, did she marry the noble boy?

“No.” Allie shook her head, “After

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