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Chapter 324: Border Gate


Liquid-like rolling black smoke was rising from the bottom of the altar.

Luo Qiu, who had experienced this not long ago, was not surprised. He directly went to the altar after all the hidden parts rose.

A card had been embedded into one of seven card slots— Unlike the first time, the altar seemed to be more active; and the second suspending golden and silver card slowly flew into another card slot.

It wasn’t next to the first, but separated by two slots.

Did they have their corresponding positions?

Thinking about this, Luo Qiu looked up at the projection on the altar— Which hadn’t changed since it appeared.

A dead pale sphere… the Earth.

When the second golden and silver card, given by the former boss, was embedded in its slot, the stopped time also passed by.

Because it was just less than a second— Luo Qiu could accurately know his time.

His existence was no longer relying on metabolisms— Because his life now depended totally on concrete value.

And this value was time. He had no fixed time, no fixed life. It seemed that some kind of accurate counter was hiding in his body.

So he knew his time(lifespan) more than anyone else.

“Nothing?” Luo Qiu frowned at this time.

The second golden and silver card didn’t bring him a surprise… The altar didn’t have any changes, so Luo Qiu subconsciously observed the new card.

But he vaguely realized something about the strange paused time. Luo Qiu closed his eyes to recall.

Nothing really happened?

No… A ripple, which started with the altar as the center, had swung open, like the droplets dripping from stalactites into the pool.

Its speed was incalculable, and it extended limitlessly to far distance, as if there was no end.

Luo Qiu had a feeling that maybe he opened… a gear.

Luo Qiu took two hours or more in the basement. With no results even after carefully thinking, he had to temporarily give up.

The former boss wouldn’t let Arex send the second golden and silver card without any reason… What’s more, the former boss may not know that Luo Qiu had gotten the first card by chance.

Maybe the purpose of sending this card was only noticed by him in the hidden part of the altar.

“Is it for arising my curiosity, and letting me collect the rest of the cards?”

He could only get this conclusion.

Of course, he didn’t think the former boss was scheming something— Every club boss had their own mysterious sense— like a Sixth Sense.

And the sense never made any mistakes since it was born.

Luo Qiu didn’t sense any malevolence in this matter. And Alex said the former boss… was dying.

“Master, you came back.”

“Yeah. I’ve stayed there for a while.” Luo Qiu responded, but he saw a different smile on Miss Maid’s face.

“Is there something happy that happened?” Luo Qiu curiously asked.

“Master, the border gate is opened, i

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