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Chapter 436: Luxuriant Imageries


A light shadow landed on the warehouse at a very fast speed— in front of the Elysium Bar.

Before it completely landed, it said with a hip-hop intonation, “Ha, ha, I’m back! YO! I’m back! Back with my Liquor, my Liquor, hurry, hurry up!! Ha! I, I have a favorite… ”

With the moderate-size wine jars in each hand, Brother Xiaosheng twirled a strange dance and came here.

It was not Reggae, nor Breaking, nor Kids Hip-hop, it was just a weird and non-descriptive Popping!

Then Brother Xiaosheng quickly stopped and curiously looked at them, “Ha! Everyone is here!”

Weren’t they?

The monsters, no matter big or small all gathered in front of the door, with their dropping heads and holding their breath.

Brother Xiaosheng was used to this kind of situation… He was a mogul among monsters, noticing Long Xiruo standing here, he blinked his eyes and said, “Ha! This is Granny Lo…”

Brother Xiaosheng covered his mouth immediately, blinking his eyes a few times, he smiled, “Master Long, I’m greatly honored by your gracious presence!”

“Sun Xiaosheng.” Long Xiruo coolly looked at the Monkey Monster and exhaled, “Thank you for your Monkey-Soul Liquor.”

One of Sun Xiaosheng’s wine jars directly flew into Long Xiruo’s hand— Sun Xiaosheng was very reluctant, but he couldn’t show that… He had no choice but to watch the sky.

He went to retrieve his Monkey-Soul Liquor, of course, not out of this kindness…

Reminded of the purpose of taking the Liquor, Sun Xiaosheng immediately found Gui Qianyi among the monsters. He came to him and whispered, “Old turtle! Where is my Zijun? You’ve said she is back, but why I don’t see her?”

“Princess has gone first.” Gui Qianyi lightly said, “Everything here is settled, the honorable princess will not stay longer.”


Sun Xiaosheng heavily grabbed Gui Qianyi’s ear in a sudden and angrily said, “Ha! How dare you lie to me?”

“No no no! I dare not… ” Gui Qianyi felt the pain and said, “Oh, I remember the princess has left some words for you!”

“For me?” Sun Xiaosheng blinked, letting go of Gui Qianyi’s ear, he rubbed Gui Qianyi’s chest to calm him down, “What did she say?”

“Uh… She… ” Gui Qianyi paused, “Princess said you are a nice man. She is very happy this time and she likes you… ”

“She likes me…” Sun Xiaosheng was so cheerful as if he was in heaven.

“…your loyalty.” Gui Qianyi said that.

Brother Xiaosheng… suddenly dropped from heaven.

Miss Maid had all kinds of cosmetics, even boss Luo Qiu didn’t know all the names… They filled the table.

It had been a while, Miss Maid turned naked light shadow who had nothing but a pair of golden eyes into a beautiful little girl with this table of cosmetics.

At last, the little girl was given a wig and a white small dress.

“Done, Master.”

Looking at her masterpiece, You Ye smiled… Luo Qiu thought th

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