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Chapter 483: You Won’t Die


In the deep alley, the roaches and ants who came out for food suddenly began to disperse… let alone the rats and flies who regarded this place as a hotbed.

Because someone was coming… She was the real dragon, Long Xiruo, who could give off an aura that made the monsters in the Godly Land tremble. These little pests were not worthy to be mentioned.

“Is it here…”

Long Xiruo went to the deep of the alley and saw a golden silk thread on the ground… This gold thread gradually faded and became black, and then it was broken into bits, inch by inch.

However, Long Xiruo didn’t find Wind-Chasing here— What was in front of her was a pool of black liquid, giving off a stinking and bloody smell.

Long Xiruo frowned, she stained it and gently rubbed, “Were you poisoned? But why did you disappear? I lost your tracks here… ”

This rarely happened.

Long Xiruo even couldn’t remember when she failed to track something last time.

Maybe it was a thousand years ago when she tracked a little guy.

And that little guy was named… Yu Caiji.

A fox who nearly became a nine-tailed fox.

Wind-Chasing Wolf suddenly felt cool… Yes, cool, not cold, not the coldness when someone was dying.

This coolness was like eating a human’s popsicle on a hot day, which made him cry out comfortably.

Wind-Chasing Wolf opened his eyes slightly… the bright light made his eyes hurt. But at this moment he saw a figure.

Human? A woman?

Wind-Chasing Wolf fiercely struggled to stand up— but unexpectedly, he stood up very easily, and didn’t feel any pain on his shoulder. At the same time, something fell down from his forehead.

It was a handkerchief, a wet handkerchief.

Besides this, he found he was in a forest… And he also saw trash cans and some sign boards like “Everybody is responsible for protecting the plants” attached to the trunk.

This place… was it a park or something like that?

“You woke up.” The women said softly.

Wind-Chasing Wolf suddenly felt his cheeks grow hot… He had never seen such a perfect woman, no matter it be human or monsters.

The aesthetic concepts of the monsters who lived in the secular modern world had been mostly assimilated with human beings… Wind-Chasing Wolf felt the woman in front of him was more beautiful than Long Xiruo.

What’s more, the woman was more gentle than Long Xiruo… At least, at his this moment.

“Who… Who are you?”

Wind-Chasing Wolf doubted for a moment and he began to ask— but he also noticed there was another man nearby.

He crouched down in front of a dead piece of wood and was picking up some things.

At this point, the man stood up and turned around… and walked back.

Wind-Chasing Wolf now saw him clearly— He was a weird guy in a clown mask and also rolled up his sleeves.

“Well, I used to pick this kind of things in my hometown during my childhood.”

The man in mask looked at the “beautiful woman, “The old men there said they had nothing to eat when they hid in the mountains. So they picked up some eggs and fried them together. Nothing else was added but they were very delicious.”

The woman smiled, “Master, have you eaten this?”

“Yes.” The man in the clown mask said casually, “But I forget the taste. It tasted pretty good… And it was an interesting experience.”

The woman smiled.

Wind-Chasing Wolf suddenly felt he was an extra in front of the man and the woman… Did the woman call him Master?

Wind-Chasing Wolf doubted in his mind, and he couldn’t help but swallow— because he was actually attracted by what the man picked up from the dead wood and placed on his plate.

They were termites, the most favorite food that aardwolves liked!

“Oh, yes, this is actually for you.” The man in the clown mask— the boss of the club stretched out the plate on his hand and gave it to Wind-Chasing Wolf.

“For me?” Wind-Chasi

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