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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 531 - ..Therefore, Meet here
Chapter 531: …Therefore, Meet here

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Lin Feng helped a man up, who fell over himself by the stairs. Then Lin Feng looked at the audience with no expression.

It was really a mess…

But who was that made this huge situation… And who was… Wind-Chasing Wolf?

Lin Feng shook his head and planned to join Ma Houde—He received the phone call from Ren Ziling saying that Officer Ma commanded him to look for the girl in the middle of the show when he was on a date with his online friend. Thank god for the phone call from Ren Ziling or it would hard to imagine his fate… He didn’t dare to make an appointment with female online friends anymore… because she looked pretty different from the pictures online. Lin Feng felt much more disappointed when he saw his online friend at first glance… The incoming phone call from Ren Ziling saved him.

However, he didn’t find the little girl at all after searching the whole stage… He stopped searching unconsciously when he was attracted by the song of Cheng Yiran… Of course, he didn’t intend to report this embarrassing experience to Officer Ma.


“It is strange. Why isn’t Officer Ma answering his cell phone?” Lin Feng frowned and he made up his mind to take some special measures.

Because he and Officer Ma always worked in pairs, they both installed a tracking software in each other’s phone in case of any urgent cases.

“Is that direction correct?” Lin Feng wanted to go to the direction the software suggested.

‘Sh*t… I trod on a dead cockroach.’

Ma Houde saw an extremely terrifying face in front of him with… many scars when he woke up!

He had no time to think about the reason why this man had so many scars on his face… and what did the man go through in the past. What Ma Houde did was to observe the surroundings and got as much information as he can!

He was tied tightly by hemp rope and was unable to move at all… in the… toilet! The male toilet!

It could be seen that there were many blood stains on the floor, the wall, and the basin—and there were even some stumps, such as broken human arms, legs and so on!

Ma Houde was almost frightened to death. He felt a sense of cold air starting from his feet and heading to his head… “Who are you?”

The man with scars smiled at Ma Houde—He looked just like a demon even though he was smiling.

The man stuck a pair of huge scissors into the floor suddenly and then squatted down with eyes narrowing. He took Ma Houde’s officer card with his hand, “Nice to meet you, Officer Ma.”

His voice was so ugly it was as if it was made by a rusty wheel gear.

Ma Houde behaved pretty calmly since he was brainstorming on how to escape here. He was trying to communicate with this man, “What is your name? Why are you here? Could you please tell me what happened here?”

The man with scars smiled coldly, “Policemen like to ask questions while knowing the answers. There is no

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