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Chapter 293: Member Service


A man with a black helmet in the car rudely cut through the handcuffs on Efim’s hands with pincers.

But Efim suddenly scolded, “You ensure the customer’s safety like this? Don’t you know that I would have died if you just crashed a little bit off target?”

“But did you die?” another man who was driving indifferently said.

Efim sneered, “Is this the service of the Michael Club? I paid a billion dollars of dues every year, but you just provide this kind of service? Tell me your names! I’ll complain it to Mr. Sun!”

“First,” The man who was driving lightly said without turning his head, “You didn’t tell us in advance that you’re in danger. Second, when we came, you were already in the police car. We don’t have any interest in saving you from the police department. Finally, my name is Tianzui, and nearby is Tianbai… Don’t skimp on your complaint.”

Efim grunted.

He just wanted to vent his dissatisfaction— Because becoming a prisoner overnight and even being betrayed by his follower made him extremely angry.

The police had pried open his insurance room before he was taken away… what was hidden in it was enough for him to be exiled abroad with dozens of reasons.

“Where are we going now?” Efim instantly asked after he calmed down.

“Sending you to the river. Your situation may be difficult to board a flight. So go by water.” Tianzui lightly said, “Don’t worry, you’re a member of the club, and you won’t suffer a loss for paying the membership dues. We’ll safely send you away. Oh… According to the information you have filled, when you’re in danger, the first place you want to go is… Italy.”

Considering the incident that happened so quickly this evening, and that he’d lose nearly half of his wealth if he left, Efim tightened his fists.

“Wait, I can’t go like that!” Efim gnashed his teeth and said, “At least there’s one guy, who I don’t want to live before I leave!”

“Mr. Efim, we don’t want you to create side issues.” Tianbai indifferently said, “Especially when you’re escaping. Only foolish and boorish fellows would take revenge out of anger.”

But Efim sneered, “What the f*ck is the Michael club! When I registered, how nice you spoke to me! But now you can’t even nicely finish a small case… Give me the phone, I want to talk to your boss!”

Tianzui looked at Tianbai, shrugging— then Tianbai gave Efim a mobile phone.

“Is that Tianbai? What’s the matter? ”

“I’m Efim!”

“Oh…Hi, Mr. Efim.” A brisk smile came out of the other end of the line, “It seems that Tianzui and Tianbai have successfully brought you out. Mr. Efim, don’t worry. As your request, we will safely send you to… Oh, yes, Italy.”

“No! Before that, I have another request!” Efim snorted, looking at Tianzui and Tianbai in the car and coldly said, “But the attitude of your subordinates does not seem good!”

“Hehe… Well, Mr. Efim, Tianzui and Tianbai

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