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Chapter 309: Silent night 3rd


“Mrs. Maggie! Arex! Mrs. Maggie…”

Len tried to call out Mrs. Maggie and Arex; however, he could only see mist under the beams of the flashlight.

“What should we do! Branham…” He looked at his friend in panic, and even grabbed his arms in bewilderment.

“Calm down, don’t scare yourself.” Branham took a deep breath, “We should think about where we got lost… Oh, we should go back to the place she parks the car, they may realize that we are lost, so they probably went back to wait for us.”

Len nodded.

They immediately went back. But Len suddenly dropped into a pit carelessly, and cried out painfully.

Now Branham swore at him due to nervousness, “Be careful! You idiot.”

“Pull me out.” Len stretched out his hand.

Branham put out his hand; but while using the flashlight to illuminate the ground, he couldn’t help quivering, “Len… What’s under your body?”

“Don’t scare me.” Len trembled with fright.

He instinctively reached out for the thing under his body…It was warm and soft, not like soil. Len’s look then turned abnormally frightened.

“It’s Mrs. Maggie!!”

Len suddenly got up and shouted in horror! Branham moved his flashlight unconsciously.

When the light was moved to Mrs. Maggie’s head, he found Mrs. Maggie was watching him too.

“Is she still breathing?” Branham subconsciously swallowed saliva, he was still calm— But Len couldn’t keep calm. His fingers quivered, reaching for Mrs. Maggie’s nose.

“No, no!”

You Ye covered a thin blanket on the little girl, Lena.

It was midnight, long past her bedtime. She was worrying about her mother, but after a long time, her body couldn’t stay up anymore.

So she fell asleep on the sofa.

“Let me go clean the cutleries.” The servant girl walked to Luo Qiu, as she had nothing to do. She said, “I won’t keep the dirty dishes until tomorrow.”

Luo Qiu nodded. As You Ye cleaned up all the tableware and went into the kitchen, Luo Qiu suddenly looked at the clock, and took a glance at Allie.

She sat at one side of the couch, propping her chin, but was dozing off… No internet, a silent environment and worry, people would easily feel tired and fall asleep under such a situation.


All of a sudden, Allie’s head slipped from her palm and she woke up. She started to look around, but could only see Gloria, who completely fell asleep on the other side of the couch.

She asked, “They haven’t come back yet?”

Luo Qiu shook his head, “If Miss Allie is sleepy, you can go to the room to have a rest, there are many rooms in this house. And I think taking a shower will help relax yourself.”

Hearing the scrubbing sounds from the kitchen, Allie didn’t ask where You Ye was. She shook her head, “I’m OK, let’s wait for Len and Branham…”

“Hum…” Luo Qiu suddenly stood up and walked up to the little girl Lena.

The little girl turned around as sleeping, and the blanket almost slid down. Boss Luo tucked her in the blanket, and suddenly asked Allie, “Are Len… and Branham Miss Allie’s good friends?”

Allie scratched her hair, took a deep breath after yawning, and then gathered her energy, “Len is my boyfriend, we just started going out.” Branham and Gloria have been together for a long time.”

Boss Luo’s gaze followed Allie’s, who was focused on the other side of the sofa. He nodded, “Did Miss Allie known Miss Gloria for a long time?”

“We were high school classmates and later went to the same university together.” Allie smiled, “She’s always energetic and I’m happy to have met her.”

“Miss Allie is good too.” Boss Luo politely praised.

Allie suddenly faked a smile, without explaining more. She didn’t seem to want to continue this topic, so she asked, “Luo Qiu, why have you built a house in such place?”

It was a lonely area without any other people and family. But the decorations inside the house were

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