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e apparently very extravagant…

“This is what one of my customers gave me.” Luo Qiu added, “I like the quietness and had nothing to do these days, so I came to live here for a while.”

He sat down again and said indifferently, “An occasional holiday for 2-3 days is a good way to gather one’s energy.”

“Then we won’t bother you.” Allie smiled.

“Never mind.” Luo Qiu shook his head, “There are always many weird things that happened around me. For example… Well, just like Mr. Monster in the story, if it suddenly came out of this lake, I think I wouldn’t be too surprised.”

Allie both hands rubbed her arms due to the scare. She subconsciously saw the dark lake outside the terrace, “As you said that, I seem to have this feeling… It seems to be true.”

Luo Qiu looked at Allie.

And Allie looked at Boss Luo too.

Suddenly, both of them looked on each other with a smile, so that the atmosphere turned light. Allie looked around the living room again, “However, your customer is really generous, though it’s sort of… Well, I mean quiet, but this is a very good house! I’m now curious about what kind of business are you doing? Unexpectedly, the customer is willing to send you such an expensive gift.”

“What business…” Luo Qiu thought for a while, “Probably selling some things that customers need . You know, if people get what they desire, they’ll turn very generous.”

Allie gaped, that was a general concept. It meant he didn’t answer it.

She frowned, “What things do they need…?”

Luo Qiu smiled slightly and said, “Miss Allie could think about what you desire.”

“I?” Allie shrugged, “I think I want them to come back right now.”

But at this moment, she heard the door was knocked. She gaped, then turned excited, “There they are! Luo Qiu, you’re so miraculous. They came back right after I said that. Let me go open the door!”

Luo Qiu stood up.

Allie quickly walked to the doorway and opened the door.

At the moment the door was opened, Allie saw Len and Branham, who walked in with extremely pale faces with a nervous expression.

Len’s lips looked dried, with a little mud on them. He seemed to have taken a tumble.

Allie was stunned, “What happened to you?”

Branham panted heavily, as adjusting his breath. He said quickly, “Corpse! We found a corpse! Mrs. Maggie’s corpse!”

“What?” Allie screamed.

She turned to look back and found the owner walking to them curiously upon hearing her screech.

“What happened?”

Allie quickly said, “Branham, he just said, he found Mrs. Maggie’s …”

She had to keep her voice down, “… Corpse.”

Len looked at Allie at this time, and said with panic, “That’s true! I carelessly dropped into a pit, and then found Mrs. Maggie’s dead body! We got lost and left her before, but unexpectedly…”

“How could this be…” Allie felt inconceivable, “But … Oh yes, is there another person, Arex. Where is he?”

Branham quickly said, “Don’t talk about that guy! We couldn’t see…”

He glanced at Len, and his face suddenly turned serious, “We suspect that maybe that guy…”

“Don’t talk nonsense before getting evidence.” Allie suddenly interrupted.

Branham replied, “But think about it, is it weird that this Arex suddenly showed up? Think of his behavior… just like a psychopath! How could someone carry a such large case here! Think carefully, we don’t see any vehicles of his, but he just walked alone to this house!”

Allie’s thoughts suddenly wavered.

“Box, box?” Len swallowed his saliva at this time, then he said with hesitation, “I mean… Allie, Branham, don’t you feel the box size…”

“What are you trying to say?” Branham asked nervously.

Len swallowed saliva again, “The size is just right… I mean, if it is for fitting an adult…maybe…yes.”

“That box …” Branham frowned.

Oh my god—!!!

At this moment, Allie suddenly heard a scream— that was Gloria’s voice!

Did Gloria wake up as hearing some sound? But Allie was not in t

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