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Chapter 325: Studious Butterfly Monster


“Uncle Mouse, this is your medicine, remember to take it four times a day, and…”

The butterfly monster who had been working for a long time in Long Xiruo’s pet hospital now was telling the details to the ‘patient’, “… And, and what? ”

“… It doesn’t matter, I know it anyway.” Uncle Demon Mouse rapidly waved his hand.

“No, this is my job. I must do it well.”


Uncle Demon Mouse glanced at this new and popular receptionist butterfly monster, who kept asking himself why.

‘There already a math book on your desk, why can’t you remember the words for patients?’

“Right! At last, remember to clean up before you go to bed every day. Dr. Long said the reason for your recurring skin disease is because you are too dirty and didn’t take baths.”

This butterfly was really cute. If it were not to get his son’s asthma medicine this time, he would have flirted with her to recall the memory of youth.

“Dad, your tail has risen up.”

“Get out here!” Uncle Demon Mouse pushed his son and awkwardly left.

He didn’t want to break this purity which was almost extinct in these creatures, he was just thinking about it. It was hard to stop a middle-aged mouse monster from being dissolute.

“She’s really popular, not like the old freeloader in the office.”

After sending Uncle Demon Mouse away, Luo Dance suddenly heard such sharp words.

Yes. Sister Long called Miss Su Zijun ‘a freeloader’.

“Sister Zijun, Don’t let Sister Long hear that.” Butterfly monster reminded— Even though she knew it was useless.

Long Xiruo and Su Zijun were totally incompatible, they couldn’t get through a day without arguing.

Su Zijun gave a cold snort without attempting to conceal her views, “I’m not afraid, she can try to kill me if she can.”

The butterfly monster wasn’t surprised, she just sat down to enjoy the delicious milk. After she licked the remained milk on her lips, she took out a book to read.

“What’s this?” Su Zijun took the book from the butterfly monster and casually glanced, lightly saying, “Don’t waste your time on this human’s book, you need to cultivate. You are too skinny, when will you become fat if you don’t cultivate?”

“Fat?” Luo Dance was astonished.

She didn’t know why she described as ‘fat’.

Su Zijun quietly said, “I mean, more powerful.”

The butterfly monster shook her feet under the table and blinked, “But my power is enough. Sister Long is here, so it’s very safe. Besides, human’s books are very interesting and I still don’t understand many of them.”

Su Zijun lightly said, “We have attained spirituality, our wisdom is much higher than human beings. You still can’t understand their works? That’s too bad.”

Butterfly monster didn’t care this; she wasn’t an irritable and argued person. She still remembered what the bun boss and the landlady had taught her when she stepped into society.

For the good and pleasure of others.

“Yes, I actually don’t understand. Because I just transformed recently, not like Sister Su and Sister Long.” Luo Dance showed an innocent smile, “Oh! Sister Su, you have a lot of experience, your knowledge must be very rich! ”

“Sort of.” Su Zijun hummed.

The butterfly monster’s eyes turned brightened. She hurriedly opened a page of the derivative book which she borrowed from a diseased child and piteously said, “Sister Su, can you tell me how to solve this problem? I couldn’t work it out all day!”

Su Zijun glanced at this problem, turning her eyes up and down, and then stared at the butterfly monster.

She slowly lay on the floor… with her hands on her belly, sleeping like a little princess.

“Sister Su? Sister Su? Are you sleeping! It’s not good to sleep on the floor!”

To Luo Dance, It was very common for Su Zijun who was of half Hanba descent to sleep all of a sudden.

“Ignore this shameless woman.” Long Xiruo wal

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