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For the good and pleasure of others.

“Yes, I actually don’t understand. Because I just transformed recently, not like Sister Su and Sister Long.” Luo Dance showed an innocent smile, “Oh! Sister Su, you have a lot of experience, your knowledge must be very rich! ”

“Sort of.” Su Zijun hummed.

The butterfly monster’s eyes turned brightened. She hurriedly opened a page of the derivative book which she borrowed from a diseased child and piteously said, “Sister Su, can you tell me how to solve this problem? I couldn’t work it out all day!”

Su Zijun glanced at this problem, turning her eyes up and down, and then stared at the butterfly monster.

She slowly lay on the floor… with her hands on her belly, sleeping like a little princess.

“Sister Su? Sister Su? Are you sleeping! It’s not good to sleep on the floor!”

To Luo Dance, It was very common for Su Zijun who was of half Hanba descent to sleep all of a sudden.

“Ignore this shameless woman.” Long Xiruo walked out of the office— probably she wanted to smoke.

She went to Su Zijun, kicked her and sneered, “Pretending to sleep… Brat, this freeloader hasn’t even been to kindergarten, and can’t write her name, how can she teach you!”


The butterfly monster was surprised when she heard this.

Long Xiruo shrugged and suddenly said, “What problems do you have today? Tell me.”

Sister Long had taught her multiplication tables two weeks ago, so butterfly monster now quickly said, “Sister Long, the given function is f (x) =ax3-3×2+1, if f (x) exists x0, and x0 is greater than 0, then what is the range value of A? ”

Long Xiruo calmly took a drag on her cigarette, and exhaled the smoke, “Brat, I think, no matter man or demon, they are just a freeloader if they don’t work hard. This problem is not difficult to solve. But are you trying your best?”

Luo Dance unconsciously shook her head, “I just thought for a while… OK, sister Long, I will think twice, if I really can’t solve it, I will ask you.”

“Well, your attitude is good.”

Long Xiruo walked to the pet center with the cigarette in her mouth… ‘Who knew what the X and A was! Didn’t she just learn multiplication two weeks ago?’

“Humans are really bored. Are four fundamental rules not enough?” Long Xiruo whispered at the door.

But the learning ability of little butterfly monster was beyond her imagination, she remembered two days ago this brat said she wanted to attend the College Entrance Exam.

It’s not difficult to arrange the butterfly monster into a school and register for her. After all, some monsters have had some positions in some workplaces.

The problem was…

‘I really don’t know what the hell X and A is!’

Long Xiruo suddenly got an idea. She quickly threw down the cigarette, stamping it out, and then rushed to the reception to find something.

“Sister Long, what are you looking for?”

“I found it.” Long Xiruo found a leaflet and took it to Luo Dance, “Go to

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