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Chapter 357: Touch


The world became dark red and the city collapsed in an instant as the heaven fell and the earth cracked.

Long Xiruo could even hear the cry of grief from all things.

Seeing the collapse under her feet, blood red tears flew out of her eyes.

She shouted fiercely to the sky, but what came to her was only the darkness.


She opened her eyes and saw a dazzling galaxy. It was a rare wonderful night.

Long Xiruo had just woken up from a dream on a branch of an ancient tree.

This dream was troubling her since she got close to that door.

She gently touched her eyebrows and gathered some water drops with her fingers to drink.

Then, she jumped down the tree and went to the forest to find the answer.

The soul’s first movement?

“Soul” was the term used by the strange club. However, “Spirit” was usually used to describe the eastern demon Black Water.

Miss Black Water confusedly looked at the living dead, whose eyes were gloomy and whose body was decaying.

Where’s the sound of the Spirit? Miss Black Water concentrated her attention on this living dead, but she found nothing different except silence.

“I can’t hear anything.” Miss Black Water expressed this with her look.

“Please think of the first time that you opened eyes.” Luo Qiu glanced at her and went on, “I believe you can hear it… because you are qualified.”

Miss Black Water subconsciously stepped back with a terrifying and complex feeling.

Soon she turned around and quickly left… She now just wanted to go back to the little demons.

Luo Qiu gazed at the rotten body beside him, revealing a trace of hope.

But suddenly he stood up and walked away.

After taking a bath and drinking up the soup, Officer Ma hastily went to the police station, because he had gotten new information about the case of Zhao Ru.

“What’s new?” Officer Ma sat down and directly asked, “Any information from the telecommunications company?”

“No. we’ve found a stack of letters in the room of the first dead though.”

The young policeman gave these to Officer Ma and went on, “The photos in it are the same as that in Zhao Ru’s notebook. And the notes, there is proof that she wasn’t simply extorting. Once we match the handwriting, I’m sure she had threatened and frighten them, which was why they chose such an extreme method.”

Many sharp words and different photographs were attached to each letter.

“You’re a good student, good at selling yourself.”

“What would your family, your classmates and people around you think if they saw these photos?”

“What will happen if your parents know about it…”

“Why are you still living in the world?”

“I think it’s time to disclose these. On the Internet or the street? Or should I send it to your school?”

“What’s the meaning of your life? You’ll be scolded you whole life.”

“Oh, do you really

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