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Chapter 373: From Now On, I’m The Boss Of This Place


At the doorway of the sports room, there was a man taller than any other one standing there with his arms crossed.

There was a scar left on Fatty Zhang’s face, and his arms were thicker than the thighs of the other prisoners.

“Don’t be naughty, little kid. Are you going to mess with old Taoist…me?”

Tai Yinzi didn’t move, but took up the glass and had a sip, glancing at him.

Fatty Zhang sneered and walked in… He wasn’t alone, there were three young and strong men behind him. Among the trio was Frog.

Upon seeing them approach with a fiendish expression, Zhou Xiaokun suddenly out came to thaw the atmosphere, “Brother Zhang, we can have a discussion… my brother was not in a good mood recently. Or, let me apologize to you. And I can pay for your loss!”

“Don’t worry, if you want to pay, I’ll receive that.” Fatter Zhang sneered and pointed to himself, “I want the compensation and my reputation! That old fart struck my guy. That means he slapped my face, so I must beat him up to get even!”

With those words, Fatty Zhang pushed away Zhou Xiaokun and grasped the old man’s collar, pulling him up, “Old Fart, trash! Did you take the wrong medicine? You dare to provoke me?!”

“You’d better put me down and kowtow to me, your grandpa. Maybe then, I can forgive you.” Tai Yinzi yawned.

Fatty Zhang didn’t get enraged but just laughed, “Did you guys hear that? This old fart must be out of his mind! Haha, let me see what you can do!”

While saying that, Fatty Zhang released him and cracked his knuckles. Cracking sounds emitted from his finger joints. “I’m nice to weak people. I’ll give you a chance first… come on!”



“Punch him!”

Fatty Zhang’s henchmen suddenly kicked up a fuss… To the prisoners here that had only a simple and boring life, some ‘games’ that could stimulate their hormone were enough to push away the agitation in their hearts.

Tai Yinzi snorted. He put hands back, replying calmly, “It is better if I let you have 3 moves first !”

“Oh?” Fatty Zhang was amused. He opened his eyes wide, “Do you hear that? This old guy… is quite interesting! Then sorry for the offense!”

Seeing Fatty Zhang came close with a sneer, Zhou Xiaokun said hurriedly, “Brother Zhang! Calm down! The guards will come.”

“No! They won’t! At least, not before I finish the fight!” Fatty Zhang turned his head.

Then, the trio behind him walked to Zhou Xiaokun and pressed him down.

“Are you ready? Old guy!” Fatty Zhang deeply breathed, raising up his fist.

He used to be a boxer with beefy muscles all over his body. No ordinary person could receive one punch from him, let alone a thin and weak senior.

“Hold on!”

But the old man yelled before he threw out his punch. This fierce shout scared Fatty Zhang.

He caught hold of his emotions, raising his eyebrows, “Why? Are you going to beg

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