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Chapter 421: Monkey’s Face, Sura’s Face


In front of the door of the Pet Hospital, someone was standing furtively behind the lamppost on the street.

He wearing a pair of black sunglasses, a big yellow waterproof wind-coat, and a fisherman hat… while holding a piece of newspaper to hide himself.

Brother Xiaosheng though his disguise was wonderful.

“Mom… there is a freak!”

“Shh, don’t say that carelessly, come on…”

Brother Xiaosheng… Brother Xiaosheng raised up his middle finger toward the mother and her son, saying, “Ah, you don’t know anything!”

He bared his teeth and ignored that human’s words because he was the big monster Sun Xiaosheng.

Brother Xiaosheng raised his head and kept looking at the Pet Hospital in front of him. Se frowned, “Ah, Zijun came back but isn’t she staying here?”

Brother Xiaosheng didn’t feel the monster aura of Long Xiruo from the Pet Hospital, let alone Su Zijun’s.

Although there might be many ways to hide the evil aura for a big monster, but since Brother Xiaosheng had been so close to them, it was really ridiculous that he couldn’t feel a hint of the aura.

A red paper stuck on the door of the Pet Hospital read— ‘Several days’ break due to the pregnancy of the landlord.’

Brother Xiaosheng rolled his eyes, muttered, “Maybe Zijun was afraid that I will come to see her, so she ran away? So shy….”

He smiled while looking at the sky.

“Mum, there is a strange uncle, so disgusting!”

“Shh, don’t say speak carelessly, come on…”

“Oh my, mum, my ass was poked by something…”

The man disappeared but the little boy muttered while his hand covered his ass.

As for a big monster like Brother Xiaosheng, who wouldn’t feel ashamed even after he stripped and showed his naked body in Elysium Bar, he would never retreat just because of the little boy’s words… The reason he left was that he felt some sort of monster’s aura gathering around.

Two streams of monster’s aura had spread out of the alley close to the pet hospital.

The guy spreading weak monster aura was sitting down and leaning against the wall with a terrible face. And some monster characteristics had started to show from his appearance.

Based on his dog nose and ears, it should be a dog monster.

“Ma…Master… where are you from… I… I shouldn’t have offended you before…” The dog monster shivered and didn’t dare to look at the guy in front of him.

“I won’t kill you if you tell me where the guys in the pet hospital have gone to,” the figure stated.

“I… I don’t know.” The dog monster looked so terrified and replied, “I just felt a little uncomfortable with my waist, so, I come to Master Long to have a check. I didn’t know it was closed these days…”

“You won’t tell me the truth?” The man sneered.

The dog monster suddenly lay on the ground with hands held his head, saying in terror, “Master…Master, I’m just a little monster, and wouldn’t have much chance to talk with Master Long… I… I… I really have no idea where she is now!”

“I’m not talking about Long Xiruo, I mean the other one!”

“The other one?” The dog monster gave a start and asked unconsciously, “You mean the newcomer—little butterfly monster? I don’t know her very well either… I just meet her several times… Not her? So you mean another one?”

“I’m talking about her!”

The dog monster swallowed saliva, then said, “Master, I’m quite unfamiliar with the one you said. I just know that her name is Zijun, she didn’t come out often… That’s all I know about her.”

“Well, you miserable wretch.” The voice sounds more terrible, “Seems like you need some torment before telling the truth.”

After saying this, the owner of the terrible voice, who was wearing a black wind-coat and a hat stretched his fingers, and a faint bright purple light began to coil around his fingers.

“Mas…Master!” The dog monster was so terrified and shouted

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