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Chapter 468: Admirable New Star


Li Zifeng experienced another enthusiastic night. Cheng Yiran’s first performance was on live TV, broadcast to a large number of audiences in the studio… all of them were yelling the word ‘again’.

‘Again’ was not the song’s name—It meant one more time. Again, one more time… All the live audience was cheering for Cheng Yiran to ask for a second song.

No such insane behaviors had happened before… even the director of this live TV program didn’t intend to stop the crazy fans. He was also immersed in the performance while sitting there.

Li Zifeng could understand how the director felt because he was also conquered by Cheng Yiran… after watching his performance so many times. This was the reason why he had a great confidence in Cheng Yiran and believed that he would succeed… Cheng Yiran was worth his time and money.

“Encore! Cheng Yiran! Cheng Yiran! Cheng Yiran!” Cheng Yiran bowed to the audience and then walked down from the stage after finishing his song. He walked toward Li Zifeng directly. “Oh, my God, you shocked me!” Li Zifeng sighed, “I didn’t think you would change your song… but you executed it perfectly as usual! Well-done! But, could you please tell me your ideas in advance next time? I was really worried…”

Li Zifeng was extremely excited. He hugged Cheng Yiran, “I should be bringing you to the changing room while waiting for the final result… but another voice was screaming in my head that I should kick you back to the stage for a second song!!”

“Let’s go!” Cheng Yiran nodded and left from the side entrance with his guitar on his back.

On the other side, the audience became upset because Cheng Yiran’s left—Of course, they didn’t lose their rationale but lost interest in listening to the next singer… or one should say, they had no expectations for the next performance at all.

Hong Guan sighed lightly. He felt it unbelievable upon seeing the amazing performance and hearing the topics relating to Cheng Yiran.

When the guitar was strummed on stage just now, his memory flashed back to the old days. The past days and nights of eleven months were ringing round and round in his head. He listened with his heart but he was not as immersed as the audience.

“Yiran’s singing made great progress…” Hong Guan recalled Cheng Yiran’s performance and smiled, “And, his guitar is as good as before!”

He took a deep breath and left the crazy crowd… There was definitely no one that noticed him leaving as they were still immersed in the last song.

Hong Guan preferred to accompany his wife in the hospital, so he left the TV studio without any hesitation. No matter how wonderful the next performance was, he wouldn’t stay for it anyhow.

He didn’t contact Cheng Yiran as he promised in that contract… Hong Guan realized that Cheng Yiran wanted to tell him something by sending the performance ticket to him. It was he who gav

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