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Chapter 484: First of Big Dipper


It was easy for Wind-Chasing Wolf to leave this park as he had been living for quite a while in this city—but unexpectedly, his wound had recovered on the same day, in a very short time, with not even a scar left on his body.

If he didn’t feel the pain himself, Wind-Chasing Wolf would have thought that it was just a dream.

A businessman… everything could be bought from him.

And the price was…

Wind-Chasing Wolf held the weird black card in hand. Besides the feeling of it trying to tell him something that he couldn’t hear clearly, another strange sense surrounded Wind-Chasing Wolf.

He had ever felt it somewhere before.

However, these were not important to Wind-Chasing Wolf now. A headache bothered him—how could he face the matters in the future?

Listening to Xiaojiang’s tone, this issue might be…

If one was afraid of something, it would always come to them—as if destiny was laughing at the weak’s inability.

Wind-Chasing Wolf heard the footsteps behind him.

When he heard the footstep and felt the aura, Wind-Chasing Wolf wanted to escape… at the fastest speed. However, he couldn’t move at all, because the symbol of the Godly Land—Long Xiruo came to his back.

“Wind, I finally found you… Where did you go these days?”

The voice brought Wind-Chasing Wolf back to the sentence Long Xiruo spoke to him years ago, ‘If you don’t know where to go, just stay here. It’s safer.”

Wind-Chasing Wolf turned back and breathed deeply. He had to face Long Xiruo as he could not flee.

Long Xiruo came to Wind. Now they were outside the park with not many vehicles.

Wind-Chasing wolf asked, “Are you here to capture me?”

Long Xiruo lowered her head.

She didn’t like the aggressive character of Wind, which was caused by his growth environment. But most of the monsters nowadays were hurt both physically and spiritually.

She set the rules that monsters and humans needed to live peacefully and not to invade each other… but she could care for every monster’s feelings like a nanny. Hence, she had to show them a severe face.

“Since you didn’t do anything wrong, why did you escape?” Long Xiruo said calmly.

Wind asked back, “Will you believe me?”

Long said, “I believe facts. Tell me the truth.”

Wind said, “If I said I knew nothing, but that person just died in front of me, will you believe it?”

Long Xiruo frowned, as if considering the truth of this sentence.

Wind roared with laughter, “See! Hesitate! I know you didn’t believe me!”

‘The kid is so emotional…’

Long Xiruo shook her head, “Wind, if you are still like this, the problem won’t be solved. And we cannot even continue the conversation.”

“I don’t need your mercy!” Wind breathed deeply, and shouted, “Take care of those monsters, and be the supreme Master Long… you don’t have to look me after. I can work out my own things!”


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