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Chapter 532: The Best

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“What! Escaped!! How?”

Officer Ma growled and at the same time he glared his eyes, like the Guardian God of the door!

“Sorry, Officer Ma, we don’t know what happened, we suddenly fainted and when we woke up, he… was gone.”

“You foolish idiots!! You four can’t watch a guy! You foolish idiots!! ” Ma Houde scolded… though he knew that had nothing to do with them… he just couldn’t help but scolded them!

Or he had no place to vent this anger.

It was late at night, the crowds of the stadium were almost gone, only a few policemen and firefighters were left to do a simple cleanup and checking—Who knows if there were any dangerous things installed.

“Officer Ma, the criminal escaped?” Lin Feng frowned.

Ma Houde also frowned, “He can’t escape by himself… I’m afraid he must have partners. Honestly speaking, it’s impossible for him to create this situation in a short time… He must have partners! Lin Feng, you go back to police station and get a wanted warrant, to capture this guy all over the world!”

“Yes.” Knowing the situation was serious, Lin Feng said nothing and quickly drove away.

Ma Houde muttered, “Damn, why are there so many strange things this year…? ”

“How is it?” Lizi, who was chewing the squid that had just been roasted, now looked at Ren Ziling.

Ren Ziling shrugged, “Old Ma said he has something urgent and won’t come… Oh, so many things, can we finish them?… If I knew this, I wouldn’t have let Luo Qiu send You Ye back, he should be here.”

“It’s all right! I can eat them up.”Lizi’s eyes were bright.

Ren Ziling looked at the bright eyes and the delicate figure of Lizi, then she quietly reached out and pinched her stomach… Damn it, there was a heap of fat!!!

“Ah… Shit! I’m starving too! ” Ren Ziling raised a large glass of beer and said, “Cheers!”

Later, Subeditor Ren became drunk and Lizi carried her home.

For them, this night was over.

This night, Cheese and his parents didn’t need to stay at the pet hospital… Since Gui Qianyi said “It’s over. Go home.”

So they came back home… their home.

After they came back, Cheese was busy taking care of all his younger brothers and sisters, ensuring they fall asleep. Then, he got some food for Shu Xiaoshu and even watched his mother fall asleep safely.

As the eldest son of the family… he had a benefit which was that he had built his own room to sleep—a small attic-like room in this small basement.

There was a small window which could see outside.

“Tomorrow… Let’s start again.” Cheese gently exhaled while lying in bed, perhaps he was tired, or perhaps he just wanted this night to be over as soon as possible. Gradually, he fell asleep.

No one knew how long he slept, but when he turned his back to the only window… a dark shadow suddenly appeared.

This dark shadow suddenly shrunk and became a pool of liquid. After it easily came in from the window, it reverted to its original shape.

It was Iron Whistle which had eventually it fixed its own form. Iron Whistle stood beside Cheese, with its head slightly lowered and suddenly opened its mouth.

But at the last moment, it hid its sharp teeth in its mouth, letting the only tongue stick out and gently lick Cheese’s face.

Suddenly Iron Whistle stood up, looking at the tender face in silence. It stretched out its hand and slightly drew up Cheese’s quilt well before turning abruptly.

It didn’t look back. Its body became liquid and reverted back to its the original shape after it passed through the window. Then, it jumped, spreading its wings behind and flew into the dark night sky.

Cheese suddenly stretched out his hand and scratched his face in deep sleep, saying, “So itchy, don’t do that… Iron Whistle.”

Maybe it was a good dream.

For the rat monsters, the night seemed to be over.

The thing which happened in the stadium las

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