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Chapter 288: Anna


Anna slowly walked to them at riverbank— She didn’t see them clearly until she got close.

Both of them were very young.

As they turned to Anna, she opened her mouth subconsciously, “Is it you…who saved my life?”

But as soon as she said the sentence, she suddenly stopped and showed a surprised look— Anna found her voice was like the sound of the wind that went through broken glass.

A hoarse, broken voice. Some syllables had even been directly distorted into meaningless sound.

It had her touch her throat subconsciously.

“I, I, I …” Anna tried to integrate her speech, but seemingly it didn’t work.

Finally, she heard an incredible answer.

“I think Miss Anna should stop trying,” The man with an east face said slowly, “We arrived the moment you called; however, your situation was terrible then.”

Luo Qiu tried to explain it to Anna, “To be honest, Miss Anna’s throat was broken and was dying at that time… well, we could only keep you in this kind of state for now.”

Anna opened his mouth,; it seemed hard for her to understand Luo Qiu’s explanation.

So, Luo Qiu had to talk in more simple words, “That means you’ll die right away when you are released from this state.”

Anna didn’t know what the so-called state was, but she felt her neck by touching it.

The bones had been broken. In others’ view, it might be a very weird appearance.

She kept silent for a long time, then squeezed out her voice hard, “How…how… long.”

Luo Qiu said indifferently, “Of course, not too long. You’re in the trading protection mechanism, so you can be maintained in the current situation; but if the delay is too long, it will disappear automatically. For keeping you in the current status, we also need a certain amount of energy. Since Ms. Anna woke up, we can give you some time to consider… then, how about half an hour? By the way, Miss Anna will be completely dead after half an hour, so we estimate that… you’ll probably not pay any other thing as the transaction fee, which is more valuable than your… soul.”

Anna fell silence as hearing it. She moved forward for a few steps, walking by Luo Qiu and You Ye, and coming to the place that was closest to the river.

She was staring out of the night scene of the opposite riverbank.

When there were only five minutes left, she turned around slowly, and looked at the young man silently.

She still didn’t speak… but since she experienced such a magical scene, she felt that this person might read her thoughts.

The club boss was still abiding by the obligation of guiding customers. Luo Qiu said slowly, “Is it good? Miss Anna, I can tell you that any question will cost part of your transaction fee. And they’ll reduce the price of the transaction fee you hold— which means the purchasing power will be decreased. Are you sure you still need this part?”

Anna nodded silently.

“I see.” Boss Luo ga

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