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Chapter 334: Meeting Long Again


“The rumors about the ‘teacher’ is?” Ma Houde frowned at this time.

Ren Ziling said, “I have heard that there is a great teacher in this cram school. He can improve students’ scores, no matter how bad the student is.”

Ren Ziling looked down at the street under the building, “It is said that many self-abandoned students have dramatically increased their scores because of this teacher.”

Ma Houde was surprised, “Scores should be increased since they come to this cram school.”

“No, those who are not talented in learning by nature are just forced to come here by parents. They can’t learn well.” Ren Ziling thought for a while, “But I’m not clear about this rumor.”

“Well…” Ma Houde nodded, and he suddenly said, “I think I should investigate the scores of the dead.”

“Then I’ll investigate the teachers of this cram school.” Ren Ziling nodded.

“Keep in touch.” Ma Houde agreed.

But Ren Ziling suddenly pulled out a stack of books from her bag and put them on Ma Houde’s hand. This puzzled Officer Ma, “What are these?”

“Homework!” Ren Ziling certainly said, “Help me do my homework! I will continue with the class!”

“Wait, why me?”

“You think I should do it?”

This sentence seemed to have been heard somewhere before.

“All right! I have to go back. It’s too late! My boss will nag! He is actually very noisy!”

“You go back first, I want to know who the woman is.”

Seeing the two people leave the opposite rooftop, Long Xiruo lightly said this to Luo Dance. The butterfly monster hurriedly nodded and gently flew away.

Long Xiruo then looked away and whispered, “What’s the matter with this cram school?”

She shook her head and easily flew down to a small alley out of this tall building. Soon after, Long Xiruo saw a red car driving out.

Long Xiruo quietly jumped on the top of this car without thinking…

Pedestrians and drivers couldn’t notice her… because it was easy for her to distort people’s sight.

“This woman… drives so fast.”

Long Xiruo took a glance at the passing vehicles, slowly crouched down and clung to the car roof. But soon she showed a puzzled expression.

The butterfly monster didn’t lie to her— The woman in the car was the one who had threatened and saw through Luo Dance.

But… this woman seemed only to be a human.

“She has some really faint aura, but it just means she’s healthy.” Long Xiruo was deeply puzzled.

The aura of this woman was not from practice, but from something rubbing off her, like wearing human jade for a long time.

“Let’s try and see what she is.”

She believed instinctive reactions certainly couldn’t fool her eyes— So Long Xiruo slightly tapped the car with her finger.

Meanwhile, Ren Ziling braked the car when she saw the red light. It was not appropriate to rush over this crowded road.

Abiding by the traffic regulations, Subeditor Ren smiled. She pulled out her phone and wanted to give a call in the f*cking 120 seconds!

But soon she felt something wrong… The brakes seemed to not function— The car didn’t stop but directly darted across the crossroads!

After leaving home, Shen Meihuan didn’t know where to go with her son. She had thought of going to a new place to take good care of the son.

But she worried the son would become a cold body someday— She knew that mysterious place must be in somewhere of this city.

‘If this happened, would that place help her again?’ Shen Meihuan couldn’t help thinking of the weird contract.

But she didn’t regret it.

Taking a deep breath, Shen Meihuan went to a hotel— She hated seeing her husband Gu Feng, so she could only live here for the moment.

Just when she opened the door, she saw a woman in a black dress going out.

And a man receptionist of this hotel warmly and affably said to that woman, “Miss Black Water, are you going out for dinner?”

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