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Chapter 366: It Would Be Better Not To Meet


Ma Houde didn’t know who Wang Yuechuan was looking for.

He had been watching the surveillance footage of the hospital for almost two hours without missing anything on the screen.

‘Why would I waste two hours here together with this guy?’ Ma Houde thought.

‘As time went by, it would be more and more difficult to find Zhao Ru. So, what if I just leave him alone?’

Just as Ma Houde was prepared to speak, Wang Yuechuan found something in the video. He switched the video into the main screen and enlarged the picture step by step.

Ma Houde also noticed that the profile of a man in the video. He was about thirty years old.

As for the characteristics… It might be, wearing a pair of glasses?

“Is this what you are looking for?”

Ma Houde frowned when he saw Wang Yuechuan watching the screen without moving, “Is this the man who help Zhao Ru escape from the hospital? Do you… know this person?”

“Cao Yu, this is the name he last used,” Wang Yuechuan said abruptly.

“What? Name he last used?” Officer Ma was confused.

Wang Yuechuan nodded and continued, “He has many nicknames and nobody knows his real name. ‘Cao Yu’ was the name he used recently.”

“You said… he is a scumbag?” Ma Houde frowned. He remembered clearly that Wang Yuechuan had said this word—not long before.

Wang Yuechuan glanced at Ma Houde as if deep in thought. A while later, he said slowly, “I found out about this guy by accident. There was a serial murder case in the provincial capital city a year ago. Do you remember?”

“Eh… give me a second.” Ma Houde tried to recall the memory, “That’s it. Was it the sensational murder case? The murderer was really cruel. It was reported on the front-page of all newspapers. But, the killer has been arrested. And the provincial police station organized a seminar where almost every police station assigned a representative to attend this seminar. Oh, I remember… I saw you at that time!”

Ma Houde remembered every detail that happened a year ago thanks to Wang Yuechuan’s reminder—He remembered the reason why he disliked Wang Yuechuan ever since meeting him.

Officer Ma had seen this guy in the seminar a year ago.

“So you are the person who solved the crime!” Ma Houde patted his head.

He also remembered that this arrogant man had made a statement in that seminar. He was as prideful as before.

“Yes, you are correct.” Wang Yuechuan nodded, “Although the crime was solved and the killer was also caught, but there were some details not revealed to the public. That was the matter of this person.”

Wang Yuechuan pointed at the man’s face on the screen: Cao Yu.

“Tell me the truth… Why should he be related to Zhao Ru?” Officer Ma said seriously.

Wang Yuechuan explained, “One year ago, I found the criminal a bit strange when I arrested him. He was carrying some kind of material. The material was taken away when he was going to be scheduled for execution. Then, he became agitated and even crazy.”

Wang Yuechuan shook his head, “But I bet you didn’t imagine that the material had vanish… It disappeared in the evidence room without a reason. Nobody knows how it was taken away. Luckily, one surveillance camera captured a profile of a man.”

“Was that Cao Yu?” Ma Houde was shocked, “What is his real identity? Why could he remove the evidence from the police station?”

“I don’t know, and no one knows, I guess.” Wang Yuechuan took a deep breath, “Of course, he won’t be there without a reason.”

Ma Houde stopped him, “Hold on, how do you know Cao Yu has a connection with Zhao Ru?”

Wang Yuechuan squinted and said, “Because the necklaces they are wearing are similar. And when the necklaces were taken away, their reactions were similar. Zhao Ru was agitated and even crazy once the necklace was taken away.”

“But… what does it mean?” Ma Houde was still confused.


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