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Chapter 398: Let It Go


Tao Xiaman didn’t say anything on the way. Zhou Zihao knew that companionship was more important than words at this moment.

Finally, the car stopped at the destination. Tao Xiaman had been here… before. But she hesitated and didn’t get off.

At this time, Zhou Zihao carried her out of the car and smiled, “I can bring you upstairs.”

“Let me down.” Tao Xiaman was shy. She said lightly, “Help me up.”

In this way, they went upstairs step by step. Tao Xiaman felt relaxed even with her injured leg. She realized that time had flown by once she saw the familiar old lock on the door.

“Master Zhou, are you at home? Master Zhou?” Zhou Zihao knocked at the door but there was no response. He frowned, “Is he out?”

“Zihao, the key may be at the top of the door.” Tao Xiaman pointed at the left part of the door, “It should be near here.”

“Fine.” Zhou Zihao nodded and found the key after several attempts. “There it is!”

“I couldn’t reach it when I was a child.” Tao Xiaman added.

Zhou Zihao led Tao Xiaman into the room… There was still no response in the room. He had observed the layout of the living room last time. “It seems that nobody is at home. Does your uncle have any family?”

Tao Xiaman walked toward the work station along with the wall…She couldn’t help stopping at the workstation and look vacantly at the wedding dress.

“It’s done!” Zhou Zihao came close, “No wonder he called me yesterday. It’s for you to try!”

“Did he… call you?” Tao Xiaman asked.

Zhou Zihao nodded, “I know why he sounded worried. I called him back but it failed to connect.” Zhou Zihao looked at the wedding dress. “It seemed that he went out for something urgent so that he had no time to fold the dress up.”

“Maybe…” Tao Xiaman tried to say something.

“Maybe what?”

Tao Xiaman shook her head, “Nothing… I want to wait for him.”

“Fine.” Zhou Zihao nodded, “Let’s sit there.”

“No…” Tao Xiaman refused, “I want to stay here.” She noticed the marks at the corner, “Zihao, take me there.” Zhou Zihao knew that these remarks were for measuring height. “Are these marks for your cousins?”

“For me.”

Tao Xiaman touched one remark which fitted her height exactly. Her hand covered the remark slightly as if touching the face of an old person.

“For me.” She stuck to the wall subconsciously. Zhou Zihao saw her eyes filling with tears.

“It might be made last time when Master Zhou measured your height for you.” Zhou Zihao thought for a while and said, “Your uncle must have treated you well. But strangely, he seemed to know about me before. I actually found his contact on a website and we have never met before.”

“I don’t… understand, either.” Tao Xiaman shook her head.

“Er…” Zhou Zihao said gently, “No more thinking. We can ask him directly when he is back. Oh, do you know where is the washroom?”

Tao Xiaman pointed for him…She was too familiar with this house. She sat down and sorted out the wedding dress slowly… She knew that it took great effort to finish the dress in a such short time.

There were many needles and threads on the box and many tissues with blood in the trash can. Blood from being pierced by needles

“Who…are you?” Tao Xiaman took a deep breath. She had a feeling that… the old man would never return here. She seemed to have kicked something at that moment and found many plastic lunch boxes under the workstation… It seemed that he ate take-outs all the time.

—‘I am buying it for a new friend. He is busy with work and always forgets to eat lunch.’

She bent down and held these boxes up while the conversations rang around her ear.

—‘He will always eat them no matter if the food is good or not.’

“Xiaman, are you hungry?” Zhou Zihao came out from the washing room. But he didn’t find her after searching all the rooms. Then, he found her cell phone on the sofa as well as her bags.

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