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Chapter 303: Is This Why You Become A Rich Woman?


Brubov was stunned when he listened to this voice.

Because it seemed younger than the voice of the club boss.

“Mr. Brubov, this is the new boss.”

The servant girl answered him and got rid of his doubts.

Brubov lips moved slightly… The club never stopped giving him surprises since he met them.

At this moment.

Luo Qiu took a bottle of lemongrass powder from the display rack and looked at the label without turning around, “Mr. Brubov, you said you passed by the former location of the club many times… is there anything we can do for you?”

Brubov subconsciously glanced at the servant girl, who was exactly the same as twenty years ago and didn’t age. He suddenly said, “No, I just occasionally thought of the scene where I talked to the former boss.”

“Consultation?” Luo Qiu added.

“Something like that.”

Brubov nodded, whether out of sarcasm or true feelings, “I think the consultation is the most favorable aspect of the club.”

“Although I’m not the former boss,” Luo Qiu put back the bottle and took another one, “But we’re doing the same thing; so, Mr. Brubov, feel free to raise your needs.”

Brubov said after a moment of silence, “I want to know that if you need to do one inevitable thing that goes against your original principles, in the process of achieving a goal, how would you make the choice?”

Luo Qiu lightly said, “Why do you assume that I would face the choice? Mr. Brubov, do you think it’ll be helpful for you?”

Brubov gave a start.

He suddenly felt that he asked a rather stupid question— he had a deal with the club, and got a huge amount of money, so he was in awe of the secretive ways of the club.

If the club boss wanted to do something… it probably wouldn’t be a problem because of the mysterious powers of the club.

“No.” Brubov shook his head and suddenly joked, “There’s no value…I did ask a rather stupid question.”

“Do you think I can change this country?”

Suddenly, Luo Qiu heard Brubov’s question again.

Luo Qiu put down the bottle, and took down a third bottle, watching its label, as if he didn’t hear his words.

Brubov didn’t care about being ignored, speaking as if talking to himself with a hint of doubt, “That year, I did all kinds of investment with the money. 20 years passed, I have much more wealth compared to that year. However…”

Brubov gave a wry smile, “It took half my life only to gather wealth, which is not enough for me… I have to climb higher to an end that I can’t see for now.”

“Sometimes I even wondered if I could succeed in finishing what I want to do.” Brubov heaved a sigh, “I don’t know if I can continue walking down the path.”

He stopped talking, but the new boss didn’t reply him.

Rather, he picked up the third bottle of spice that he’d like, putting it in the shopping basket in the hands of the servant girl.

Then, he went to another showcase.

Brubov was stupefied; he felt he was being ignored, which made him agitated. However, the feeling soon calmed down.

It happened very fast, even out of his expectations.

“Are you feeling better?” Luo Qiu asked while unscrewing a bottle of ginger powder and sniffing.

Brubov moved his lips. After a while of deep thought, he nodded unconsciously.

Luo Qiu then softly said, “I read a book before, but forgot who wrote it. If the consultant didn’t want to give a suggestion mixed with his own viewpoint, merely listening is enough.”

He continued after putting the ginger powder into You Ye’s basket, and suddenly said, “Since Mr. Brubov paid an entires life worth of love as the transaction fee, it seems that you really need the money to finish your desire. So I think you probably know if you should go down this way. After all, you made your own decision at beginning. So, what else do you need to take this step?”

“No,” Brubov shook his head gent

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