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Chapter 415: News of Shu You’s Death


“Well, it’s all right, you didn’t bite your tongue.”

You Ye opened Butterfly Monster’s lips a little and carefully put the cotton swab down after she carefully examined, “Your mouth was just scraped a little. And you’ll heal in a few minutes.”

“Thank you…” Luo Dance was very grateful.

Butterfly Monster really felt ashamed today. She quietly glanced at the boss and found he was as quiet as ever.

His childish smile just now… was it just an illusion?

“Ah! I’m sorry! ” Luo Dance suddenly raised her head and stood up, “I need to go back, there are some urgent things.”

Luo Dance ran to the door of the club and walked out.

“Interesting.” Looking at the swaying door panels, Luo Qiu showed a smile.

“Master seems to like Luo Dance very much.” You Ye smiled and began to tidy up the tableware.

Luo Qiu was about to say something, but the doorbell rang again and Luo Dance ran in.

“Boss! If I have something I can’t solve, can I come to you for help? ”

Looking at her serious look, Luo Qiu nodded, “Of course, you can come to me at any time.”

“OK!” Luo Dance nodded, “Then I’ll be on my way! It’s really very late!”

Butterfly Monster ran away like the wind. Luo Qiu and You Ye looked at each other with a smile. While Miss Maid was about to say something, she was interrupted again.


The doorbell rang again.

Butterfly Monster didn’t come in but stood in front of the door, looking at Luo Qiu and You Ye, taking a deep breath and bowed deeply, “I forgot! Boss and Sister You Ye, thank you for your hospitality!”

The doorbell didn’t ring for a long time— At this time, Butterfly Monster was probably far gone.

Luo Qiu lowered his head with a smile. Suddenly he reached out to grab a black bag nearby and took an object out— an electric bass.

It was the one that Hong Guan sent to others and Boos Luo bought from Fish Ball Qiang.

The word “Heaven” was inscribed on it.

Boss Luo held it and casually played, then he looked at Miss Maid and said, “Such a pure and beautiful thing, isn’t it worth enjoying?”

You Ye sat down at the boss’s side, silently accompanying.

“It’s great that there’s a built-in audio device.” Luo Qiu plucked the sting and smiled, “Let’s have a simple SOLO.”

Luo Qiu asked, “OK?”

You Ye replied, “Yes.”

This was a world that only belonged to him and her.

Luo Dance, who had thought about going back to open the pet center, had more important things to do. After she left the club, she went to the pet hospital to see if Su Zijun had come back or not.

But when she arrived at the pet center, she didn’t find Su Zijun. She only saw Auntie Mouse Monster Shu Xiaoshu and her son Cheese waiting there.

Sister Zijun didn’t have a cellphone… Looking at Auntie Mouse Monster and her son, Butterfly Monster found she couldn’t contact Su Zijun and she didn’t

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