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Chapter 478: Wind-Chasing Juvenile Group


How much would one be hardworking if they could earn a lot of money later?

Anyway, some great thinker said, just a 300% profit would let capitalists turn crazy—Of course not including workers.

Beautiful Lotus Gymnasium.

Nothing couldn’t be accepted as long as receiving enough overtime pay.

The foreman in charge of constructing the stage was looking at the blueprint… It was an urgent project, even the blueprint was just sent to him.

However, the foreman thought it reasonable to be finished in time with so many workers here.

“What a f*ckin rich man!”

He couldn’t help but sigh… anyway, many acquaintances who were middle managers of some construction companies had enough workers, and even overweight materials were transported by helicopters… they were burning money.

“Go back to work after the midnight snack! You’ll get 5 days’ pay every day!! 6 days equal to one month’s salary! Cheer up guys!!”

The 10-year-old Beautiful Lotus Gymnasium was not often used.

Most of the time, it was just as a tourist attraction. It was close to the mouse monster family, so it became the amusement park for Cheese, as well as many other monsters living in the city.

They were all around the age of Cheese.

Those huge racks at the edge of the gymnasium were the main place for little monsters to play—of course, they had to hide from humans.

Nevertheless, if some unknown objects (death of monsters) hit the headlines, ‘capable’ people would always jump out and tried to explain the phenomenon.

Although everything was peaceful, it was said ‘touch pitch and you’ll be defiled’. In a certain period, such accidents increased which made Master Long feel uneasy.

A ban was transmitted to every monster family, that it was forbidden for little monsters to sneak out and play at nights.

But there were many young rebellious monsters like human juveniles, who wouldn’t oppose Long Xiruo, but would sneak out and enjoy the city night.

They were called “Wind-Chasing Juvenile Group”.

Who knew why they had such a name. Anyway, after it was named, the gymnasium became the ‘base’ of the “Wind-Chasing Juvenile Group”.

The head of the group was a wild wolf.

If it was a human, it should be at the age of middle school—but its parents died during his childhood, plus he didn’t receive the help from the pet hospital, so he wandered in the society alone.

There was a long, thin scar on its face, which went across his left eye, but didn’t hurt his eyeball.

The scar was a symbol of glory, in its opinion— even if it was left after a fight with a little yellow weasel monster.

And it even lost…

“Listen! The evil humans are starting to attack and occupy our territory!”

At this moment, it stepped on a paper box, looking at the group members, “I cannot bear it anymore! Tonight, we have to teach those hateful humans

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