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Chapter 290: Truth Mingled with Falsehood


Victor didn’t rush to respond, but thought for a while, “But if so, there may be no way to recover your losses.”

He referred to the matter of Efim buying the painting at a whopping price.

Efim sneered, “It’s just the first step. And I have a plan to do further.”

Victor slowly said, “Looks Mr. Efim’s intention is not only about taking revenge on the heir of the Typica Family.”

Efim patted Victor’s shoulder closely, and took him to the glass curtain wall of this building, watching the scenery outside. An imposing manner arose spontaneously.

He laughed confidently, in a tone of a winner, “Nothing is impossible in this world except the ones you haven’t thought of. Why are most of the capable people in the world unsuccessful in their lives? That’s because they didn’t expect, dare not to imagine or do it, such as you…”

He looked at Victor, “Why are you still a common policeman after so many years of working? You’re capable enough, and obviously you can imagine and do more to achieve it! Besides, with my support, your future life will be wonderful.”

Victor smiled gratefully.

He reached out his hand and looked at Efim, “Then, Mr. Efim, please give me your support and consideration from now on.”

“Haha! I like easy-going guys!” Efim directly grabbed Victor’s palm.

He was pleased that both of them could reach a consensus. It didn’t matter how much Victor could do to help achieve his expectations… as long as there was a conflict, then just change to another.

Just like his senior staff, who was deeply troubled in public affairs recently.

However, his face was suddenly frozen due to Victor’s current action… he had been handcuffed.

At the moment of the handshake, Victor suddenly took a pair of handcuffs from his back and gently hit it on his wrist.

It was easily done.

“What are you doing?” Efim frowned.

Victor replied indifferently, “Now, I officially arrest you, Mr. Efim, because you are suspected of being involved in illegally buying and holding a national treasure, and in connection with bribing a police officer. I also suspect that you have engaged in illegal activities. Oh, right, you showed me the evidence just now, right?”

Efim’s frozen smile then thawed.

He opened his eyes wide… but soon he turned calm with indifferent words, “I didn’t expect that I would be cheated by such a small trick. But, do you think you can do away with me?”

“This is not what I should consider.” Victor said expressionlessly, “This is the matter for the court. All I need to do is to arrest the prisoner with evidence.”

“Prisoner.” Efim said disdainfully. He shook his head and sneered, “Don’t forget where you are standing now… I don’t know if you can go out of this place safely.”

Victor cuffed himself with Efim, and shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t think your men dare to do anything to me.”

He took out the phone, “It’s me, take a team of people to come to… Yeah, tell them that I found ‘The Nameless Maiden’ and caught a prisoner.”

Victor looked at the time then, “It takes about ten minutes for them to come here… Mr. Efim, should we drink up that bottle of good wine? For celebrating your arrest?”

But Efim uttered a deep roar, pulling his arm hard.

He was strong with great strength, the pull made Victor almost lose his balance.

Victor was so astonish at his strength. He did not think Efim, with his beer belly had it in him—at this time, his body had been clutched tightly by Efim’s hands.

“An ordinary police officer dares threaten me. I gave you a chance to corporate with me but you really don’t know the good from the bad!!”

Victor was strangled by Efim and felt that his arms were almost broken… It turned out this guy was muscular, instead of just being fat.

“I’ll add one more crime— assaulting policeman!” Victor struggled frantically, but sti

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