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his soul and forgot the passage of time.

Right then!

He sensed a burst of anger; this moment, the warm and compassionate feel suddenly disappeared.

As if being carrying a heavy shackle, Anatoly opened his eyes by instinct— he knew something was wrong with his memory; and Sullivan and the dean that were revealing a serious look were just helping him with this problem.

But it didn’t seem helpful in recalling the ‘forgotten matter’, even when he returned to the monastery and the 13th auditorium…

“Mr. Sullivan?” Anatoly calmly looked at the person in front of him with doubt.

The extraordinary image had long since disappeared, Sullivan just closed his eyes and stood at the original place… His face looked pale.

When the dean and the old priest heard Anatoly’s voice, both of them opened their eyes with surprise.

Then Sullivan said a horrendous sentence, “Anatoly, you are heresy, and you need to wash away the sins of your body.” Dean, get command of the holy power of his body; three days later, I’ll purify the evil aura off his soul.”

Anatoly moved his lips.

Obviously, his 20-year-last calm heart had sharply fluctuated at the moment.

He didn’t understand.

And… what about the recovery of his memory?

“Long long ago, there was a kind but ugly monster in the forest.”

On the train heading to St. Petersburg, the young mother was telling stories to the little girl, who was bickering with her.

“Later, the monster met a little girl. The little girl wasn’t afraid of it; rather, she became its friend because of its kindness. Every day, the monster picked the sweetest fruit from the forest with clear spring water, and sent it to the little girl. But she must promise that she wouldn’t tell others.”

The little girl in mother’s arms was gradually attracted by this story, and her mother continued telling, “Many days passed, the little girl was very happy being with that monster. And one day, the little girl said innocently, that she’d marry the monster on her 18-year-old birthday.”

“However, the little girl moved away with her families, and had no time to say goodbye to the monster. As usual, the monster still picked the sweetest fruit with the clearest spring water, but it didn’t see the little girl again.”

Hearing this, the little girl revealed sad expression.

Mother comforted her and patted her face, continuing softly, “It counted the day, marking one line per day on the stump with its nails. Suddenly, the monster found it was her 18-year-old birthday, but the little girl didn’t appear.”

Hearing this, the little girl muttered, “Mom, this monster is so pitiful. Won’t it see that little girl again?”

Her mother said, “Yes, it met her later. The monster got up the courage to get out of the forest; it was mixed in the crowd, looking for her all the way. Finally, it found the little girl, who became beautiful when she was 18 years old.”

“Then, did they marry?”

Mother was about to reply the her girl’s expectation.

Unexpectedly at this time, her father spoke suddenly, “No, they didn’t! The little girl fell in love with someone else, so that angry monster ate the little girl, and then became a handsome person, and married someone else later!”

As speaking, her father also opened his arms, getting close to his daughter with threatening gestures, “I’ll eat you too and become a handsome man! Whoa!”


The little girl escaped from her mother’s arms, hitting something, and was about to fall down.

“Be careful.”

In fact, she didn’t fall, but was helped up steadily. The little girl looked up; she tilted her head, and found an unacquainted big brother.

It was rare for the little girl to see persons with black hair and black eyes.

“Excuse me, sir!” Her mother stood up quickly and said with apology, “My husband was making fun of this kid, and he didn’t expect her to be so scared. Sorry for that.”

She said as glaring at her hus

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