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Chapter 336: Hedgehog


These days, one could surprisingly see Ren Ziling being taken home at dusk by a young man.

Gradually, they were linked together by the people in the neighborhood of this town… And this gossip could be heard everywhere when going through the street.

Luo Qiu also saw they two beneath the old house downstairs… Laughing and talking.

Who was he?

A vaguely uneasiness or irritability came to him… Was it really like what the neighborhood said?

She was still age, how could she only devote her mind to a young child?

And furthermore, one who wasn’t a biological child?

But who was that young man? Though Luo Qiu believed himself to be a rational man, somehow a sudden impulsiveness started to grow.

And this impulse was a devil hiding in his heart, nourished for few months ever since his father died.

Then… He saw that young man again because he deliberately asked for a leave of absence from school and came home earlier.

As it was nearing the Colleague Entrance Exam, the teacher was also tolerant of him; maybe because he knew the boy had just lost his father.

Luo Qiu hid in his room. He felt guilty when he silently saw them through the slit of the curtains.

It wasn’t a luxury car. However, Luo Qiu thought this twenty-five or twenty-six-year-old man who could drive this car may not be poor.

Then, Ren Ziling weakly got off the car… Luo Qiu didn’t know what they were talking about.

But he knew they didn’t speak much— The man nodded and drove away.

Luo Qiu saw Ren Ziling leaning against the wall downstairs and lighting a cigarette… This was the first time he saw her smoking.

She suddenly crouched down and covered her eyes with hands. He knew she was crying… This was also the first time he saw her crying for so long.

She just crouched down and cried alone.

What kind of helpless and pain had she suffered? Luo Qiu didn’t know… He just thought maybe those rumors were reasonable.

He looked at her for almost ten minutes… Ren Ziling stood up, quickly washed her face with the mineral water, patted her face, and then she went up.

Luo Qiu heard her footsteps, then the knocking sound and her regular questions…

But he just sat in the dark room and gave no response. So she thought he had gone to bed.

She really brought him back, but she still felt him to be cold.

“Really! I saw that woman enter a hotel! With a young man!”

“Which woman?”

“Which woman? That widow! I said before she couldn’t resist the temptation!”

“Wait… Did someone just pass by?”


“The son of Old Luo. Am I wrong?”

Luo Qiu thought he shouldn’t come… But he still arrived.

It seemed that something drove him here. He felt that it was a feeling that he couldn’t control… But he really saw that man’s car park at the hotel.

All the hotels in this old town were not tall, all the hotels in the old town were like this… Maybe it should be called a bistro. Luo Qiu suddenly felt he was ridiculous. What could or should he do here?

Leave or not? He hesitated… Maybe it was better for both sides to keep silent.

Perhaps, he could live on his own… So be it.

But he saw the man walk in the hall, and he quietly followed the man, who directly entered a room of the second floor instead of going to the reception… Something really compelled him.

He silently followed the man. However, he didn’t see him enter the floors which were prepared for the guests of the hotel. Instead, he went to the private dining room on the second floor.

In the room… It seemed to be very noisy.

He even heard Ren Ziling’s voice. Then he took a deep breath and quietly opened the door.

The voice was loud.

“No way! I will never give up the custody of Luo Qiu!”

“What custody, is he your own son?”

The voice came from a middle-aged man. Luo Qiu knew he was a cousin of his father.

Those peop

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