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Chapter 400: A Crescent Moon


Weddings are always filled with best wishes. No matter if there were ordinary cars or luxury cars, no matter if there dined at a high-class hotel or a normal restaurant.

People would like to give their wishes to the new couple on the wedding day as it was a lucky and important day filled with their expectations. The day belonged to the newlyweds.

The beautiful smiling face of the bride could make a diamond gloomy. Tao Xiaman threw the embroidered flower into the sky with her blessings. However, the embroidered flower flew across the crowd and disappeared.

“Where did it fall?”

“Look for it!”

The new couple smiled while watching the girls look for the flower. But after a while, they still couldn’t find it. Zhou Zihao was curious, too. “Xiaman, that was a well shot. I don’t see it at all.”

“Me, either.” Tao Xiaman smiled.

Zhou Zihao saw Lin Feng standing in the corner of this wedding party. He said to his wife, “Xiaman, I am going to greet Officer Lin. Thanks to his help, we could visit your father in the prison.”

“Sure, I will be there later.”

Tao Xiaman didn’t expect that Officer Lin would help her meet her father in the interrogation room. Sometimes, life would give one an unexpected surprise.

Tao Xiaman noticed that a man passed her quickly with the embroidered flower in his hands. This was the third time for her to see him.

She still remembered that the second time when she met him on the street. On that day, she was preparing to leave the old house of hers.

He stood on the road, as if no one could see him. The world in Tao Xiaman’s eyes seemed to slow down… At that moment, he seemed to have said something.

At that distance, she should not have been able to hear him, but his words came into her ears clearly.

“Since you’ve been waiting for the answer, why not go affirm it? The answer may be at the place you are able to get access to.”

The man disappeared into the crowd and time seemed to start once more.

“Xiaman, Xiaman!” Zhou Zihao was waving his hands toward her.

“I’ll be there now.” She walked to Zhou Zihao without thinking… After all, nothing was more important than her big day.

“To tell you the truth, I prefer Chinese Baijiu most. This foreign wine is not to my liking.” Old Feng put the wine cup on the grounds and complained to Luo Qiu.

Despite complaining, Old Feng drank one cup after another as the wine and dishes were taken back by Luo Qiu from the wedding celebration.

Old Feng put one piece of meat into his mouth. He asked, “What’s the name of the dish?”

“Happy union.” Luo Qiu answered.

“It’s just a plate of braised food!” Old Feng said ironically but he ate another piece of meat immediately. Later, he pointed at another dish and asked, “And what’s this?”

“Darby and Joan.”

Old Feng snorted, “Isn’t it a pig hoof?” He took another bite and tasted the food slowly.

Time passed with Old Feng asking and Luo Qiu answering. Old Feng felt it was boring to drink by himself so Luo Qiu removed half of the mask and drank the wedding wine together with him.

“Actually, no one has drunk with me for a long time.” Old Feng was drunk and watched the moon tipsily. “The last time was several years before.”

Luo Qiu was curious, “Are you allowed to drink here beside during the new year?”

Old Feng smiled, “Do you remember the police officer I mentioned before? He would chat and drink with me sometimes. You remind me of him.”

“Really?” Luo Qiu raised his glass to propose a toast to Old Feng. “It is a crescent moon tonight.”

“Yes, a crescent moon.” Old Feng whispered. He closed his eyes and fell asleep soon… Even though he wasn’t used to drinking foreign wine, but he still drank a majority of it.

The moon was getting smaller. It was midnight now and was was the time to close the deal.

Luo Qiu sent Old Feng back to

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