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Chapter 416: Xiang Liu


Su Zijun headed up, one hand on her hip and the other raising the milk-like red blood to drink up without a break.

Then, Su Zijun exhaled. She wiped her mouth and sat down with her legs crossed, looking at the weak Luo Dance, “I’ve collected so many monsters’ blood here, why did you use your own blood instead of them? How silly you are!”

“Ah?!” Luo Dance was stupefied. She thought for a while and asked in a surprise, “Sister Zijun, were the blood you obtained not used to test, but to drink?”

“…” Su Zijun sighed and shook her head, “You are driving me crazy. Why aren’t you angry?”

“Why should I be angry?” Butterfly Monster asked with her head tilted.

Now, the bottle on Su Zijun’s hand was broken into pieces on the ground all of a sudden.

Butterfly Monster quickly stood up, “Oh, no! Sister Zijun, did you hurt your hand? Oh no, this place is dirty. We need to clean up quickly, or Sister Long will be angry if she comes back.”

Looking at weak Luo Dance who was trying to get the cleaning tools, Su Zijun bit her teeth, standing up and holding Luo Dance’s arm and pulled her on the bed.

Su Zijun turned over to sit on Luo Dance, bending down and looking at Luo Dance’s eyes closely.

“Sister Zijun? What’s the matter? ” Luo Dance confusedly asked at this moment.

“Look at me, look at my eyes.”

Su Zijun quietly said, “Look at my red eyes! I want to know, why are you not be scared?”

Luo Dance carefully looked at her eyes for a while and suddenly said, “Sister Zijun! Are you a bit unwell? There are some crusts by your eyes. Do you need my help?”


How embarrassing.

Su Zijun coughed and climbed down from the Butterfly Monster, sitting on the edge of the bed and saying nothing.

Luo Dance also sat up, “Are you sick, Sister ZiJun? Shall I get you some blood?”

“No, thanks. Don’t care about me like that.” Looking at Butterfly Monster, Su Zijun shook her head. Her lips moved as if she was going to say something, but after a while she suddenly said, “Has that Mouse Monster ever came here again?”

“You mean Auntie Mouse Monster?” Luo Dance shook her head, “She didn’t come again. Just now, you were so fierce, maybe you’ve scared Auntie Mouse Monster and Cheese.”

“Really?” Su Zijun lightly said, “That’s great. It’s better for them to know the truth. And better a little loss than a long sorrow.”

“What happened to you, Sister Zijun? Why did you get hurt? ”

Su Zijun suddenly sneered, “I just met some idiots. And if my wound had recovered, there would have been no way for them to hurt me.”

“Sister Zijun?”

Su Zijun suddenly said, “Can you tell me why does Long Xiruo stay here? Why is there another Elysium Bar? And why there are more monsters in this city?”

Luo Dance thought for a while and said, “Grandpa Tree Monster said this place is filled with spiritual essence from the ancient times. Is that the reason? ”

“Spiritual essence is what monsters live on.”

Su Zijun nodded, “Most of the monsters don’t need to eat for a long time or they never eat, but they can’t live without spiritual essence. Nowadays, the more places human beings develop, the less space monsters will have. But the spiritual essence in this city has been abundant since ancient times, even with these high buildings now, they are much better than the mountains and forests. Do you know why?”

Luo Dance shook her head.

Su Zijun seriously said, “That’s because there’s a great soul ley line hidden at the deepest part of the ground since ancient times. As the old saying goes, a propitious place gives birth to great men. The propitious place meant the water and soil. Such a place filled with “Spiritual essence” is definitely more suitable for human beings to live and for monsters to survive.”

Luo Dance suddenly comprehended, “Wow, there’s a great soul ley line hidden here… No wonder I can see so many m

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