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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 479 - Juvenile Group and Dead Body
Chapter 479: Juvenile Group and Dead Body


“Iron Whistle, sit down! Iron Whistle, stand up! Iron Whistle, turn around!”

Following the whistling and order of Cheese, the extreme horrible ‘monster’ did all kinds of actions, as if it were a pet, rather obediently.

“Look, Iron Whistle is very docile.” Cheese waved his hand, called Iron Whistle over to him and squatted down.

The squatting Iron Whistle was still much taller than Cheese; it looked down and rubbed its head on Cheese’s body.

“Won’t it bite anyone?” The Cat Monster Nini tried getting close to feel it.

Monster children were much braver than human kids. However, when Nini’s paw touched Iron Whistle, the latter opened its big mouth. Its dense teeth were terrifying.

Nini screeched and ran far away.

“Don’t do that, Iron Whistle!” Cheese yelled, “They are my best friends, don’t scare them! Got it?”

Iron Whistle then closed its mouth, and continued rubbing Cheese’s body.

“It seems it likes you only, Cheese!” Xiaojiang adjusted its glasses, “What is it? it doesn’t look like a monster.”

“I don’t know either.” Cheese shook his head, but firmly said, “But anyway, Iron Whistle is my close friend. Nini, come here and feel it!”

Cat Monster Nini braved herself to get close to Iron Whistle. When she found it didn’t resist, she put its paw on Iron Whistle, and even poked its body.

“Ha! I touched it!”

The cat monster laughed happily, “Xiaojiang, Xiaojiang, have a try!”

“OK… wow, it’s amazing! It’s so hard… is it cutin?” Xiaojiang researched it carefully, “I have never seen such a species! And there are no pictures about it in the encyclopedia of animals! Is it a new species? It’s so amazing!”

The two monsters were talking about Iron Whistle with interest.

While Wind-Chasing Wolf shouted, “You guys! Didn’t you say to teach humans a lesson? Stop playing!”

“Don’t worry, we can do it tomorrow. Iron Whistle is funny!” Nini answered without looking back.

“Yeah, leader, come to touch it!” Xiaojiang added.

“Fine, I’ll go myself!” Wind-Chasing Wolf jumped up the sill, walking quickly to the outside wall.

“What’s wrong with the leader? Did he take the wrong medicine?” Nini whispered with dissatisfaction.

But Cheese said, “Don’t let him act alone. I’m afraid he may be in danger. Let go follow him… Iron Whistle, stay here and don’t leave.”

Iron Whistle’s eyes opened and closed, as if it understood his order.

Cheese and his partners chased him after.

‘Wind-Chasing’ was named for its swift speed. He could even grasp the walls and moved quickly on it.

“Where did humans hide the power line?”

Wind-Chasing Wolf climbed up to the platform above the stage. He could look over the whole working area, but had to try not to expose itself to those helicopters.


Wind-Chasing Wolf found the location of the power line. But just when it was about to approach it, he found something flashing over the platform.

Out of curiousness, Wind-Chasing Wolf jumped down from the platform, chasing after that weird shadow.


He heard a scream, and a sense of premonition made him nervous. He jumped up, following the origin of the sound!

When he got there, he saw a figure… which turned out to be a human! Wind-Chasing was shocked, and tried to retreat to avoid revealing himself to the humans.

But he found that this human was a bit odd… The worker suddenly pounced toward him!

His body lay on the platform and began to separate!

The separating body fell from both sides of the huge platform. Blood flowed freely… and in the air, human’s organs scattered about!


Wind-Chasing Wolf face turned pale by the fear with both legs shivering. He turned around to run away—but met a worse situation.

“Wind, you…”

Cheese, Nini and Xiaojiang—all the members of Wind-Chasing juvenile members were looking at Wind-Chasing Wolf in

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