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Chapter 305: Cottage in the Forest


At nightfall, Luo Qiu watched the sunlight fade from the lake water on the wooden terrace.

Cool water evaporated and the vapor slowly came up to the part of the villa, which stretched to the area above the lake. You Ye now was standing at the edge of the terrace.

The hard-working servant girl was dragging something—it was a basket of bottled beer. She sank it into the lake for a whole afternoon, which made it taste cool.

This place was the area of detached villas, instead of row houses. Different kinds of villas had been set there alone.

Where they lived was merely a 3-floor building and looked hundreds of years old; but one would be amazed by the modern equipment inside.

It was a little bit large for two people.

However, Luo Qiu thought it was quiet enough.

An old man seemed to be waiting for something when they arrived, he handed over the keys, and then left by his old pickup truck without saying or asking any single word.

Unexpectedly, all food here was fresh.

Luo Qiu thought it was good to enjoy the last week of their travel at this place.

In this tiny house surrounded by groves and lakeshore…

The servant girl prized open the lid of the beer bottle, hops rose up in the glass. Everything in front showed a golden color.

Luo Qiu snapped his finger, then gramophone in the living room behind him automatically inserted a black vinyl. When the music started playing, he looked at You Ye, whispering, “Would you like to dance? I want to see you dance.”

When the night fell, the light turned dim but stretched her shadow; and the place became even more quiet.

The off-road vehicle was running along the lake road. There were 2 pairs of couples—4 young people in the car. One pair was hugging and kissing in the backseat, and the two in front were talking to each other.

The two people in front seemed to become lovers recently… maybe the boy was too shy, he constantly peeped at the backseat from the rearview mirror; and when his girlfriend wasn’t looking, he always gazed at her legs or chest steathily.

The 4 came out for vacation—the idea was raised by the two at backseat.

‘I wish I could…’ The boy quietly encouraged himself.

Suddenly, his girlfriend asked, “Are we going the wrong way?”

The driver cared his new girlfriend a lot— She was his first girlfriend, so he cared about every word of hers.

The car suddenly stopped—He clicked on the mobile navigation, looking up to her and saying, “Seems we went the wrong way. Let’s go back along the same way.”

The girl on the backseat whispered, “I’m hungry.”

“This place looks OK, there is a small house near here.” The boy on the backseat replied calmly, “We need some unexpected issues in our lives occasionally.”

The girl in the front seat sighed, “I hope we won’t stay overnight in this car. And are you sure you can find food in this

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