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Chapter 385: A Never-Withering Flower


In this room, the passing time and the immobile staff formed a sharp contrast…

Luo Qiu let go of Zhao Ru’s hand so that they could have a long talk.

Zhao Ru looked around, but she was not surprised. She even didn’t feel a trace of pain from her wound on her stomach.

Maybe the sight in front of her caused her pain to be separated from her.

“The black card…” Zhao Ru said this after a long while.

Luo Qiu waved his hand and moved the doctor who was holding the scalpel; he sat at the edge of the bed, “It’s what one of my employees gave you. And that employee,…”

Luo Qiu suddenly stopped and shook his head, “Is having fun now.”

“Having fun?”

Luo Qiu calmly said, “Just a personal interest… It has nothing to do with you.”

Zhao Ru didn’t understand. She just subconsciously nodded… But what surprised her was that this man with a mask in front of her made her feel peaceful.

But also crazy.

The black crystal pendant was missing, but she didn’t feel upset. Just as she habitually wanted to touch it, she suddenly realized many things. raising her head, she said, “The pendant… is it from you…”

Luo Qiu lightly shook his head, “Maybe you were chosen, or maybe you just happened to obtain it. It has a great attraction for people with heavy desires.”

Zhao Ru bitterly smiled, “Yes, I understand… Can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead.”

Zhao Ru took a deep breath, “Why are there unfortunate people? What is the world filled with injustice?”

“Can I give my own point of view?”

Zhao Ru subconsciously nodded.

Luo Qiu thought for a while, “Actually, I don’t know why. Even truths or philosophy can’t give us a clear answer.”

“So… there is no answer?” Zhao Ru was stunned.

“Not that complicated.”

Luo Qiu still shook his head, “Well… in this world, unfortunate people and lucky people are relatives. This is a balanced world. For example, we keep getting resources from nature, and the resources would be used up… But for the planet, all the exhausted resources just exist in another way.”

“You mean the misfortune fosters the lucky?”

“Who knows!” Luo Qiu shook his head, “Maybe this is just a wrong proposition.”

Zhao Ru was silent. But the clock hanging on the wall was still moving constantly.

“I’m surprised that I’m so calm after watching everything I have done…” Looking at the club boss, Zhao Ru finally said.

“There is a saying that death gives people peace.”

Now, Zhao Ru was just an onlooker of her life, because… she had already died once.

Zhao Ru’s eyes became more gentle… She shook her head, “The mistakes and crimes wouldn’t leave even if we die… As you said, they would exist in another way, like sadness. And the pain will be in the heart of victims… forever.”

Luo Qiu didn’t say any word. He just accompanied her, silently watching the clock.

“I don’t want to stay he

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