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Chapter 449: Yuba and Betrayal


Ciping, Jinggang Mountain.

As per the ability of the Black Soul Envoy, it was not difficult to get anywhere—Even Tai Yinzi knew how to go through a wall, let alone No. 9, who had been being an envoy for years.

Boss asked Black Soul No.9 to go straight on without stopping, so he came to the place marked on the map by the boss.

But what puzzled Black Soul No.9 was that he hadn’t gotten any further hints even though he had reached the place.

The red mark was still flashing on the map… but he didn’t know what to do next.

According to Boss’s words, he needed Black Soul No. 9 to find something for him—Obviously, it was not easy to find it because when he spoke to Black Soul No. 9 about this, it seemed that he was not quite sure what exactly it was.

Was there anything that even the club boss wasn’t sure about?


Black Soul No.9 didn’t think so.

But Black Soul No.9 was very patient. Besides, the new boss would not let the map show him such a hint for no reason — Perhaps, he still needed to find out some clues here.

So he came to Ciping—But he didn’t know why he decided to stop and wait here.

Just because—When he came to Jinggang Mountain, ‘Ciping’ came to his mind involuntarily.

Black Soul No.9 thought it was another kind of hint from his boss.

Everywhere here was filled with a historical atmosphere here.

There were many museums and memorial halls along the street. Black Soul No.9 stood under an old tree, looking at an old house in a lane.

Why did he look at that?

He didn’t know the reason.

San Er’s life seemed to have changed a little… but not too much.

She was still running the tofu shop, taking care of her daughter, Xiao Zhi’s daily life, and working as usual.

San Er felt that her life was just like the soya-bean milk which was cooling down. It was a shallow milky yellow and very calm, only with a slight hint of water vapor rising up.

But the surface of the soya-bean milk would soon solidify. As long as you picked it with a bamboo stick, it was easy to get another thing that was full of wrinkles—Yuba.

Was Mark a piece of Yuba, which was condensed from her life?

“Is it alright to put it here?”

While San Er was thinking about this in front of the stone mill, she suddenly heard Mark’s voice behind her. She almost jumped up from shocked and turned back quickly.

Mark wore a simple old shirt… It was a white shirt, but some places were already yellowed. There were a lot of moulds next to Mark —These were the tools for moulding tofu.

The yellowed shirt, the pants with bottom rolled up, and the cracked leather shoes… At that moment, San Er seemed to see a familiar figure that had already passed early.

Why…Why did he wear such clothes and shoes?

“Oh…It’s alright now.”

San Er nodded, “Sorry for bothering you, you don’t have to do this…”

Mark said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter, I am free anyway. I will put it here and you can go on working.”

Mark didn’t stay for long—San Er found that Mark was a silent person most of the time. He wouldn’t communicate with her too much but sometimes he might talk with Xiao Zhi about something — Maybe it was just because of the pestering of the little girl?

Mark didn’t say how long he would stay and San Er didn’t ask him how long he would stay either. It seemed that there was no such topic or that both of them deliberately avoided this topic.

San Er continued working.

On that day, Zhang Kun came here and left after seeing Mark. The next day, he came and made trouble again. Mark didn’t show up that time. He didn’t even leave the small room where he lived. Neighbors helped San Er out that day.

But that night, Zhang Kun fell into a pit and broke his arms and legs for some reason, maybe due to being drunk… He was still lying in the bed of the school hospital in the town and had t

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