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Chapter 496: Another Man


Cheng Yiran was moved into the high-end ward. In the evening, Zhong Luochen came to the hospital silently, and the bodyguards of his company dared not to stop him.

Cheng Yun said to Zhong, “The doctor said he’ll wake up in two days. Not sure. Alas, how could this guy go drag racing! Why do these stars like drag racing! But fortunately it’s not drunk driving!”

“I gave him the car.” Zhong Luochen said indifferently.

Cheng Yun…the No.1 follower slapped his face awkwardly and took one step back, “The media may know that, I’m going to handle it.”

“Wait, what’s that?” Zhong Luochen asked as pointing at a bag on the ward’s sofa—Cheng Yiran’s bag for carrying the guitar.

Cheng Yun answered with no concern, “Oh, it’s Cheng Yiran’s guitar that goes with him everywhere. It’s weird, the car has been out of shape, but it isn’t broken at all. Seems like it has a longer life than the sports car.”

Zhong Luochen said calmly, “Go handle those reporters. And find a scapegoat if necessary to reduce the negative news. Oh, don’t say he didn’t wake up, just tell them he needs a rest. In addition, notify Miss. Zhang. Don’t hide it from our shareholders.”

“I got it, Second Master.” Cheng Yun nodded, “I’ll do it perfectly, don’t worry!”

“Then go.” Zhong Luochen waved his hand, “I’ll go back myself.”

Cheng Yun left then.

Zhong Luochen walked around the sickbed and looked at him; after, he sat on the sofa and thought about something.

Then, the door was opened and a nurse came in. she said she would measure Cheng Yiran’s body temperature—anyway, it was a routine check.

Zhong Luochen didn’t say more, even if the young nurse was always peeping at him… He only gazed at the black bag.

“Well…” Zhong Luochen held it up, his look didn’t change, merely taking out the guitar and observing it.

Suddenly he put his hand on the chords. He learned piano and played it well enough to hold a concert… The Zhong Family members must be versatile.

But he didn’t know the skill of such a popular musical instrument, so he just played it randomly.

He started to use the guitar, and focused on the reaction of the nurse— who was still peeping at him occasionally.

But Zhong Luochen knew her peep was not because of the guitar sound, which made him frown and consider one thing— ‘Is it just a common guitar to anybody else?’

Or just to himself? He remembered it had a magical power no matter if it was a song or just casually playing it.

He was still playing it casually and didn’t stop, until the nurse had nothing to do and had to leave.

Zhong Luochen wanted the two bodyguards to have a try but he heard a voice outside before he did it.

He walked to the door, but just planned to listen to it.

Then, he opened the door after listening from the inside and found out the purpose of the visit. He asked, “What’s going on?”

“Mr. Zhong, sorry to

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