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Chapter 512: Prove


During these times, Super Newbie, Tai Yinzi was quite busy. He often went out early and came back late, which made him more mysterious than Boss Luo, as if he had joined some mysterious class of how to be an immortal.

Of course, Boss Luo didn’t ask about the whereabouts of his employee.

In fact, only Tai Yinzi would come back often… Black Soul No.18 had not come back for a long time.

Boss Luo didn’t care about this. He gave the Black Soul Envoys more freedom than the former boss.

“You didn’t go out today, Tai Yinzi. That’s rare.”

Eating the cheesecake made by Miss Maid, Luo Qiu looked at Tai Yinzi, who had sat in the hall for a long time and smiled.

“Well… Old Taoist I…” Tai Yinzi changed his gaze and said at once, “I realize that I should stay with Master for some time to learn from you!”

Luo Qiu took the napkin from You Ye, wiping his mouth and saying, “Tai Yinzi, when did you become so studious?”

“Old Taoist… I’m learning every day! A ha ha…” Tai Yinzi continued, “I should not always hinder the club! So… so I need to learn more!”

“So that is why.” Luo Qiu nodded, and he seemed was happy to hear this. But he suddenly shook his head, “What a pity, I have to go out with You Ye later.”

Tai Yinzi’s eyes brightened, but he said as if he took a beating, “Not a pity, not a pity! We can change another day! Master’s things should be the first priority!”

Miss Maid said at this time, “Master, can you wait for a short time? You Ye still has some cleaning work to do.”

“That’s okay, I will wait here.” Luo Qiu smiled and nodded.

Tai Yinzi suddenly stood up, “Miss You Ye! Master’s thing is quite important! We should try to support it, right?”

“Oh? Tai Yinzi, it seems I cannot retort that?” Miss Maid narrowed her eyes, “So, is there anything else you want to say?”

Tai Yinzi said seriously, “Miss You Ye, it is quite an honor to go out with Master! How could you let him wait for you? So, just let me do the work for you, then you can go out right now!”

“You will do it?” You Ye said lightly, “Tai Yinzi, you are so enthusiastic that I am a little worried.”

“I guarantee with my head! No problem absolutely!”

Tai Yinzi took a deep breath and said, “I will not break anything here! And will not touch anything here! Otherwise, I… I would stay here as a servant for another ten years!”

“Just ten years?” Miss Maid smiled slightly, “So stingy.”

“Then… ten years plus one more day?” Tai Yinzi swallowed some saliva.

Luo Qiu smiled at this time, and said, “Fine, You Ye, don’t trouble him. It’s rare to see him so serious, I am very happy, just do as he said. You should also relax for a while.”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Master is right! Absolutely correct! Miss You Ye is tired so she should take a rest!” Tai Yinzi said immediately.

Miss Maid looked troubled, “Since master said so… Okay. Tai Yinzi, this is the key to the stora

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